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Chewda – H20-Melon – 200mg CBD



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40mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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14 reviews for Chewda – H20-Melon – 200mg CBD

  1. favmovieratatouille42069

    Really does taste like watermelon its amazing. It Helped me alleviate some pain.

  2. Timmy T

    Huge fan of this product, tastes just like watermelon.

  3. JoshDreamsX

    Remember a little goes a long way, don’t attempt to take another gummy until you fully let the first one set in

  4. athermo

    has a simple watermelon taste, refreshing almost then boom the high hits

  5. 6nug

    refreshing ass gummy

  6. enfic

    good one for a sunny day

  7. flickz


  8. DrOctavious

    My friends and I were so high that game of monopoly took longer than expected

  9. Cminior

    never knew the high could be this good

  10. Opie

    i swear i order from here about twice a month

  11. Issac Fisher

    I love how there are various products on WTF from gummies to drinks to even shrooms!

  12. VicVyper

    Can i tell you how my mind exploded after smoking this bitch jessica

  13. Boatrider10

    Smells amazing and the high was smoother than fresh baby shit def would buy agian

  14. Benny Family

    Thanks to WTF, I’ve become the favorite uncle

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