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Chewda – Key Sabers – 100mg CBD



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20mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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15 reviews for Chewda – Key Sabers – 100mg CBD

  1. Brian S

    Took my favorite candy to the next level, definitely my go to now

  2. Simon L

    Sour keys are so good, can never go wrong with this

  3. summermadness

    theres so many good flavors i just cant choose my favorite one


    i love the regular candy and with a hint of getting high makes it better

  5. thunderhawk34

    absolute number one favorite chewda edible

  6. Kyle Rodriguez

    I always ate these as a kid and having it in more of an adult form has been an amazing revelation for me

  7. JollyTeddyBear

    Can’t go wrong with anything on WTF

  8. Rattatouille

    11/10!! yummy yummy yummy

  9. Barch

    I love getting high before watching a movie and this is what I love using

  10. YaLikeJazz

    Tickle my toes and call me daddy this one is so good

  11. OppaStoppa

    Dangerously heavy high (Good thing for me tho)

  12. YVR air

    I could eat a whole elephant after the high hits

  13. Kallax

    girlfriend window shops at the mall i window shop on here from the comfort of my couch

  14. grippygoober

    some sexy ass shit yall got here

  15. dubnubbs

    ooof i squinted pretty hard on my first bite but the after taste was amazing

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