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Chewda – Mando-Berries – 200mg CBD



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40mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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12 reviews for Chewda – Mando-Berries – 200mg CBD

  1. JoshDreamsX

    These berries tasted fantastic I could barely taste the weed in it

  2. athermo

    these gummies may be decently small but they give you a strong high

  3. 6nug

    sometimes i forget these r edibles cause of how good they are

  4. enfic

    these got me mad munching

  5. flickz

    shit so slay for what

  6. DrOctavious

    The taste is beyond good, one of the best I’ve had in a while. It is really flavorful and makes me feel all kinds of things I can’t get anywhere else. Brings out something in me that just makes me zen, completely disconnected with the world just hanging out and having a good time

  7. Cminior

    helps me fall asleep easier with ease

  8. Opie

    got me feeling maddd good

  9. Issac Fisher

    Just recently bought and used this one, it gives a really long lasting high that not many can give me. It was a mellow and relaxing body buzz that has me in bed living my best life for hours and not to mention it has me running through my snacks like a truck

  10. VicVyper

    Tastes amazing and gave this kick to the balls i cant explain

  11. Boatrider10


  12. YaLikeJazz

    I like this more than I like jazz

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