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Chewda – Perky Peaches – 200mg CBD



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40mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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11 reviews for Chewda – Perky Peaches – 200mg CBD

  1. JoshDreamsX

    Fuzzy peaches has always been a favorite candy of mine and when I came across perky peaches it was an easy ‘add to cart’ moment for me

  2. athermo

    i find myself recommending this one to my friends every time they ask which one they should get started with

  3. 6nug

    for sure my fav flavor and one to get high

  4. enfic

    these give a long lasting high

  5. flickz

    shit slaps harder than my mamas slipper

  6. DrOctavious

    Thought it was a bit overpriced but well worth it

  7. Cminior

    and just like that ive put in another order

  8. Grimsloth

    the smell fills my nose and i just melt into my couch

  9. VicVyper

    This gummy tastes so bussin!! cant even tell its shouid i gave it to a friend and he had no idea he was high ass fuck LOL

  10. YVR air

    Takes away all the pain that work gives me

  11. Fejka

    ight ight ordering this for the 3rd time now without any regrets

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