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Chewda – Sour Troops – 500mg CBD



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100mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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8 reviews for Chewda – Sour Troops – 500mg CBD

  1. Tristan T

    Small but do pack a punch

  2. Mydas

    Your friends with praise you for this one

  3. Dinkley

    Lost in my bed when the high hit, I was completely out of it

  4. Shrinkage

    Yo this one’s pretty fking good

  5. Mike Oxmaul

    for sure my favorite one dont get me wrong i like the others but nothing compares bto this

  6. Mike Johnson

    This shit helps me let me loose and relax, it sparks laughter and deep conversation.

  7. Meowijuanalover

    Way better than meowijuana…not that I’ve tried it…

  8. Fejka

    this will get you messed up for sure

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