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Chewda – Yoda Soda – 100mg CBD



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20mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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12 reviews for Chewda – Yoda Soda – 100mg CBD

  1. Madi K

    Best high I’ve had in a while with this

  2. rosiland

    loved this shit as a kid but this made it even better

  3. Miggy

    Absolutely love this one and think you will to if you like coca cola


    didnt really like it at first but now…….ITS AWESOMEEE

  5. Buck

    took this watched star wars best day ever

  6. dubnubbs

    favorite one off the bat from the first bit to when i finished the bag

  7. Rattatouille

    Got me chillin like a bingchilling

  8. Lord farquaad


  9. YaLikeJazz

    This is how you get started, everything you need is on WTF

  10. OppaStoppa

    Some quick ass delivery you guys got here

  11. Kallax

    life can be a lot sometimes and this to take the edge off has been great

  12. Kyle Rodriguez

    Had more of a weed taste than I had liked when I first tried it but it might’ve just been me because when I tried it again just tasted like regular coca cola candy but with a good high

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