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Chewda – Squirmies – 500mg CBD



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100mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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12 reviews for Chewda – Squirmies – 500mg CBD

  1. Highguysmokes

    tasted like if i bought gummy worms from the store but it made me feel way better than those ones though

  2. Tooks Tom

    toes curling floor mat grippin type fire

  3. Dinkley

    Oh I’m definitely putting this on my top 10 list

  4. Shrinkage

    Smells great but isn’t dank

  5. Opie

    this makes me feel ALIVEEEE

  6. Meowijuanalover

    Is this how my cat feels when they use meowijuana? Now we can high together and just stare out the window. A new way to bond with my cat, our eyes just widen and we spend the afternoon just vibing together. This is a whole new experience….

  7. YVR air

    Who needs friends when I got this (Just kidding)

  8. Fejka

    not only is the high fire but the taste is so mf good

  9. carlos hernandez

    my lord and saviour during bad times


    takes me out of reality and helps me relax

  11. Putanny

    Not has bad as I thought it would be but isn’t for me personally

  12. Domamay

    my love will always burn for wtf

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