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Chewda – Yoda Soda – 500mg CBD



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100mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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11 reviews for Chewda – Yoda Soda – 500mg CBD

  1. Suzie T

    I accidentally bought the CBD version by mistake. I meant to buy the THC version but I guess they’re all sold out at the moment. I’ve purchased similar style edibles on other websites before and by the time they get to me they’re pretty hard. These Chewda candies are great, they’re still soft and fresh. I think I’ll buy more CBD in the future, my boyfriend says they keep me chill LOL. Two thumbs up! I only gave 4 stars because the packaging was a bit oily. Quality was still 10/10 though.

  2. Mydas

    This was my favorite candy as a kid and seeing it as an edible is amazing

  3. Shrinkage

    As soon as I opened the package the smell filled my nose

  4. Opie

    delivery is so quick once second im ordering the next its at my door

  5. Meowijuanalover

    MEEEOOWWWW!!! Lovely products 🐱❤️❤️

  6. YVR air

    My dog accidentally got into this and honestly I was just as high as him

  7. Fejka

    comes with more than enough to get me high as hell

  8. arthur li

    i will toast to how good this is


    ive never met a more helpful customer service

  10. Rizza Parks

    Alright, I’m ready for the next time I get high (Hopefully I won’t have to cancel plans again)

  11. Domamay

    when ur high on this eating vegetables are so much easier

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