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Cumulus Carts – FSE Cartridge – BSK – 1ML



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  • Size: 1ml
  • Strain: BSK

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Weight 1 g

7 reviews for Cumulus Carts – FSE Cartridge – BSK – 1ML

  1. Wise

    Smooth vape !

  2. DianaM

    Super convenient, great customer service, tastes amazing

  3. rawr

    hit my throat sooo nice

  4. Jason T

    Ugly but effective will do the trick and get you high

  5. Ryker

    for the price the cartridge looked mehh, but the high, taste, and smell make up for it

  6. Linden

    a redesign might go a long way for more buys but im glad because now ppl overlook it and itll never run out

  7. luffy

    went in my throat real nice

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