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Doobie Snacks – 150mg CBD Crystal Mix – Iced Tea



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Doobie Snacks – we strive to produce the most flavourful Edibles. We inspect, evaluate, and test all of our edibles we make to ensure the highest quality & efficacy. Whether you are experienced or new to edibles, chances are Doobie Snacks has a product to suit your needs.

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Ingredients: Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavour, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, and/or Silicon Dioxide, Artificial Colour, 99.99 Pure CBD Isolate.

Directions: Add the mixture into an 8oz cold water glass. Stir well and enjoy.

22 reviews for Doobie Snacks – 150mg CBD Crystal Mix – Iced Tea

  1. M0nkeyWr3nch

    Super easy to use since this is a pre-mix. I like drinking this all year around, super tasty and works wonders on my muscle aches.

  2. Austy

    Me buy this again and again

  3. Kite

    Holy shit this was amazing

  4. Monica

    Really spiced up my time at McDonalds

  5. nessa

    with my job i tend to get fast food a lot and it gets boring sometimes and this really spices up my drink when i need to relax

  6. gaia

    will spruce up any fast food meal you eat

  7. Cam T

    great pre-mix

  8. sooby doo

    cant go wrong with a simple ice tea mix

  9. WildWinnie

    Always drinking this when I have fast food now

  10. nuttyman

    helps me take my mind off things so relaxing

  11. peewee

    got to give it to my friend who showed me wtf, it’s been a game changer

  12. Cousteau

    got me feeling better than good

  13. hugh janus

    aint buying from anywhere else

  14. Mike Johnson

    This is pure delight, I can sip it all day.

  15. Hamza

    Good smell and quality leave a lot to be desired

  16. Richard D

    I bought this for my sister, who adores it! It’s a game-changer.

  17. joe mama

    gaw damn this shit is fire

  18. Lewinsky

    need something to bring to the party? grab yo self this

  19. Alexanderthegreatmagician

    So easy to buy and use

  20. Angelina P

    Bringing this to girls night was the best idea ever

  21. Zest bomb

    got nothing to do? use this for a good high

  22. A to the G

    this is my JAM BOY

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