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Doobie Snacks – 150mg CBD Crystal Mix – Tropical Fruit Punch



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Doobie Snacks – we strive to produce the most flavourful Edibles. We inspect, evaluate, and test all of our edibles we make to ensure the highest quality & efficacy. Whether you are experienced or new to edibles, chances are Doobie Snacks has a product to suit your needs.

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Ingredients: Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavour, Tri-Calcium Phosphate, and/or Silicon Dioxide, Artificial Colour, 99.99 Pure CBD Isolate.

Directions: Add the mixture into an 8oz cold water glass. Stir well and enjoy.

26 reviews for Doobie Snacks – 150mg CBD Crystal Mix – Tropical Fruit Punch

  1. Bruno Tong

    Perfect to have after a stressful day. super yummy! Will def buy again

  2. Carlos (verified owner)

    Great one to use during the summer, makes it feel like a real vacation

  3. set me free!!!!!!! (verified owner)

    bro there aint nothing this at my local stores

  4. Thoexan (verified owner)

    It’s so incredible, I have no words

  5. bloc2365 (verified owner)


  6. BoconutBrab (verified owner)

    my worst nightmare is this selling out

  7. Jesse (verified owner)

    This product has me wrapped around it’s “finger”

  8. Wussywarrior (verified owner)

    im in it to win it with wtf

  9. Kite

    Rough day at work and a friend recommended me this, never felt better

  10. Monica

    Wonderful product, perfect for when you want to relax at the beach or by the pool

  11. alex lee (verified owner)

    i hit this seven days a week i can never get sick of it

  12. gaia

    reminds me of summer time i really like this one

  13. Cam T

    love using this when im by the beach or pool

  14. sooby doo

    spruce up ur gaming experience

  15. joe mama

    this + a horror game = best time ever

  16. nuttyman

    such a great value for what u get

  17. peewee

    wtf strikes again, always knows where the good spots are

  18. Cousteau

    glad i preordered some pizza because i ran through my snacks

  19. Hamza

    It will get me to the heaven

  20. Alexanderthegreatmagician

    This stuff got me beyond high, what an interesting experience

  21. nessa

    put a huge smile on my face even at my worst lets me escape from reality for a bit

  22. Litty letty

    quick and easy delivery

  23. Muffin flower

    shit took care of me when my family was visiting

  24. Stockpain

    answer to all my problems

  25. amanda293 (verified owner)

    binging movies never felt easier

  26. Tia (verified owner)

    I drink this as my tea replacement. I always offer to my guests when they come over and they love it!

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