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Dreamy Delite Fruit Loops Cereal Medbar 200mg



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Follow your nose with one of your childhood favourites with Dreamy’s Fruit Loops Medbars. Packed with delicious fruit flavours, marshmallows and a decadent layer of white chocolate, these infused cereal bars will make you fall back in love with breakfast.

Each bar contains 200mg of THC.

INGREDIENTS: Fruit Loops Cereal, Marshmallow, White Chocolate, Vegetable Shortening, Vanilla, Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil, Sodium Lecithin
BENEFITS: Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety

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1 review for Dreamy Delite Fruit Loops Cereal Medbar 200mg

  1. boogiepop (verified owner)

    Does not at all look like the picture but gets the job done…
    Looks like a homemade edible and is wrapped in saran wrap inside the packaging and tasted extremely stale even though this was a new product on wtf.
    It got me high so I’ll give it 2 stars but I’m not sure if I’d order again.

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