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Dreamy Delite Fruit Pack Stoney Munchies



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Take the edge off with Stoney Munchies, Dreamy Delite’s delicious THC-infused fruit hard candies. Choose from 6 great flavours and re-experience Jolly Ranchers with 2 great new twists, a layer of powdered sugar on the outside, and a little something extra high on the inside!

Flavours: Cherry, Watermelon, Green Apple, Blueberry, Grape.

Each tin contains 150mg of THC.

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2 reviews for Dreamy Delite Fruit Pack Stoney Munchies

  1. Matthew Melindy (verified owner)

    Gave one to my girlfriend to try and she said it was THEEE best tasting candy she’s had in a long time. Great flavors and the tin is just bloody adorable

  2. Mattusphere (verified owner)

    Flavours were alright, blueberry was disappointing. If you don’t eat them all within a week they absorb moisture out of the air and go all weird and gooey even with the tin closed. Bind to your teeth alot too. Won’t get again.

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