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Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 55% Indica / 45% Sativa
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Berry | Citrus | Lavender | Sweet | Woody
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Depression | Fatigue | Headaches | Inflammation | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite | Muscle Spasms | PTSD
THC Content: 23% – 27% Highest

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Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (55% indica/45% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. This dank bud is infamous for its insanely delicious flavour and hugely powerful effects that are fuelled by a THC level that hits its low point at 20% on average. Gelato has a flavour that’s said to be much like a sweet sherbet, with fruity blueberry and orange flavours. The aroma is just as sickly sweet, with a lavender citrus berry bouquet that has a woody effect as the nugs are broken apart and smoked. Although it has a tasty flavour, Gelato is definitely best loved for its effects. Even with its slight indica dominance, the high is head heavy in nature and won’t leave you sedated or couch-locked. It starts with a cerebral head rush that hits you in the forehead with an uplifted euphoria and a sense of slightly focused energy. As this head high blissfully builds, a creeping body buzz will slowly wash over you, leaving you completely relaxed and calm with a sense of peace and well being. These powerful and surprisingly well balanced effects make Gelato the perfect choice for patients suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, and headaches or migraines. Gelato buds have large and lumpy super dense grape-shaped dark forest green nugs with rich purple and orange hairs and a super sticky coating of visible resin droplets.

24 reviews for Gelato – Wholesale

  1. Pepsindro

    Perfect trim. No shake in the bag. a bit dry but with a boveda it fixed everything.

  2. starskye

    to keep it simple: it gives me a burst of energy to then suddenly i’m sound asleep. the perfect mix for somebody who still needs a little extra energy to get things done before knocking out

  3. Vidal

    i love it i do more stuff n my knee injury doesn’t hurt

  4. sarahs mokes

    This is a nice anytime smoke that won’t burn you out but will provide a nice potent high. Citrus flavor while smoking

  5. Jessie Kingley

    Looks good, Smoked good, but tasted alright.

  6. ScottC

    Love this strain! If I’m in the mood to get things done or be around people, I can burn through a bowl and go about my day with a calm, yet uplifted feeling.

  7. GaryReeves

    Awesome strain

  8. Vincent Quinn

    Very fruity, very calm, very hungry, very smooth, very nice, very aroused. Some of the smoothest I’ve had in a looong time. Absolutely perfect strain. A+

  9. Craig Collier

    Still the best strain I’ve had to this day. I would recommend chilling alone or with a few buddy’s when you smoke this. All I can say is be prepared for the high of a lifetime

  10. August Sanders

    This flower is Superb! Great to smoke and even better as cannabutter! My edibles are a tasty rush of euphoria. Great strain

  11. BoyGentlement

    Excellent try it for yourself you wont be disappointed

  12. VincenzoMason

    Outstanding, exactly as described….a definite recommend

  13. Sally Karstan

    Amazing bag appeal with the best smell to it. It tastes nice and burns nice too. Real happy and motivating type of high

  14. Bailey Smith

    It was euphoric, energetic and relaxing at the same time and my body was relaxed but mind didn’t get sleepy, I love that and I highly recommend this strain.

  15. Zach Hernandez

    All the flavors combined together make a lovely tone to help get you high

  16. SenseiCheekz

    Perfect combination of citrus and berries!

  17. robert j

    when i opened the package it smelled so good i brought it to boys night


    right off the bat when i opened the package it smelled ahhmazing

  19. demon375

    gives a nice buzz to numb body pain

  20. Notorious

    got me sleepy in a few hours but helped me get on my feet for a while

  21. flawjfk

    got me munching for hours

  22. Lurch


  23. Peater

    besides having to buy my gf new snacks this was a banger

  24. Benji D

    Sends me into another world

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