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Herbivores Edibles – THC Strawbuzzies – 150mg



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  • 6 x 25mg THC per bag

Herbivores Edibles present a tasty alternative to medicating, with their line of gummy candies. One pack of these candies contains 6 pieces of strawberry flavoured gummies, covered in a sour sugar to give a little bit of an acidic kick. Taste the difference quality can make.

Herbivore Edibles are the bomb! Chocolates, not your thing? That’s all right! Not too many people can resist sour candies. Especially these ones. With a great selection, Herbivore Edibles has done it again. Have a busy day? No time to medicate? Pop a pack of these in your pocket and head out for the day. Convenient, discreet and so tasty with flavours that will bring back memories. Each candy is loaded with 25 mg of flavourless THC distillate, so it’s best to take one at a time, even though it’s oh so tempting to eat the whole bag.

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5 reviews for Herbivores Edibles – THC Strawbuzzies – 150mg

  1. Quazzyy001

    What a good line of edibles

  2. Chuck

    This whole line of products are great. I just can’t thank you enough wtfcannabis.co for the amazing service.

  3. dallaire14 (verified owner)

    My favs so far!

  4. Isabelle Janvier (verified owner)


  5. BluNipz

    I wanted to try these for a lone time.
    1 out of 6 gave me a high, the taste is yummy but sadly, the dosage is not well dispersed for equal high for each gummy.

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