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Jelly Bites – Berry Mix 100mg – Indica



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Indica Jelly Bites.
10 x 10mg THC gummies per pack.


Mixed Berry Flavours: Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Cranberry, Grape

Dosing 10mg Jelly Bites
New to the party? Low and slow. This is not the time to flex. Take one 10 mg Jelly Bite and wait 90 minutes for full effect before considering another dose.

All Jelly Bites products are:
Non-sticky formula | Lab tested | Consistently Dosed | Gluten Free | Palm Oil Free

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18 reviews for Jelly Bites – Berry Mix 100mg – Indica

  1. jopari (verified owner)

    Great taste and buzz, but they make me way too sleepy to enjoy for very long lol. They’re perfect for a good night’s sleep. I have on and off insomnia and if I just wanna fall asleep fast I take these and get knocked out within an hour.

  2. Wise


  3. Katherine R

    I oddly use these instead of melatonin to help me get a good nights sleep. Works well for me so far.

  4. Lopez

    love the texture on these

  5. nuttyman

    smells and tastes 10/10

  6. Alfredo Linguini

    Wha da hell, slap my grandma cousin, kiss my daddy sister i aint never try anything better than WTF

  7. Noah

    How this eases my anxiety and fills me with a sense of calm is unmatched

  8. Willy wanker

    Watch parties are way better with this

  9. hugh janus

    didn’t know schweeeed could smell this good

  10. Alexanderthegreatmagician

    Join the club and spend your weekends high on this 😏

  11. Thalia Moon

    Using this just releases my happy feelings

  12. Zoey Young

    Now I have a dedicated little box in my room full of WTF products

  13. Btslay

    takes rage out of my body immediately after the high hits

  14. Scorbun

    got me feeling my best

  15. Spencer H

    Listening to some music while getting high is my favorite thing to do

  16. yuunnii

    wtf just made it the best birthday ever

  17. Faye Cote

    keeps u on ur toes

  18. WildWinnie

    These are way better for my bank pain than anything else if tried

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