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Jelly Bites – Fruit Punch Mix 500mg – Sativa



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Sativa Jelly Bites.
10 x 50mg THC gummies per pack.


Fruit Punch Flavours: Blackberry, Cherry, Green Apple, Mango

Dosing 50mg Jelly Bites
Edible expert extraordinaire? Our Extra Strength options might be for you. Even if you know your dose, always go low and slow when trying a new product.

All Jelly Bites products are:
Non-sticky formula | Lab tested | Consistently Dosed | Gluten Free | Palm Oil Free

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23 reviews for Jelly Bites – Fruit Punch Mix 500mg – Sativa

  1. Wise

    Damn good

  2. nessa

    ashleys enthusiasm got me to purchase this and it was wonderful

  3. OMNIKON (verified owner)

    my type of shit

  4. Dean W

    Tasty, colourful and great buzz! 👍🏻

  5. ashley T

    The packaging, flavour, and the high…. I love these so much!! literally a 10/5 for me. I have bought these five times already and whenever I share them with my friends they always ask me to link them so they can buy some for themselves.

  6. vnasty (verified owner)


  7. quicksylver (verified owner)

    My husband and I loved these – perfect for a day off.

  8. nuttyman

    gets me through the week fr

  9. Alfredo Linguini

    WTF bruh throw my lil cousin 100 feet in the air, tickle my daddy feet, burp on my mama neck this product is liderwally so fire

  10. BiggieCheese

    Puts biggiecheese to ZZZZ

  11. Cousteau

    i didn’t know something could smell so good

  12. Willy wanker

    Gives me the confidence I don’t have when I’m sober

  13. hugh janus

    a high never felt better

  14. Brack Ononga

    Speaking from experience I’ve tried this one 4-5 times and have had a good experience every single time

  15. Fejka

    a pre decent strain bought it twice down to buy it another

  16. Winston Vale

    The high wasn’t too much, just the right amount

  17. Bianca Latham

    Even a hard worker needs something to relax with

  18. Lil D boi

    U guys are on fire with these

  19. Btslay

    tell me theres something better than this ill wait

  20. David Ross

    I’m old but this helps me party like a young teen

  21. Barnonzo

    brings out the best in me

  22. Twinkle toes

    fire fire fire all u need to know

  23. D Baker (verified owner)

    smack my grandma this is so good

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