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Juicy Fruit



Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 55% Sativa / 45% Indica
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Sweet | Skunky | Tropical
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Depression | Appetite Loss | Muscle Spasms
THC Content: 20% Highest


Named for its bouquet of fruity aromas, this near-even balance of sativa and indica tastes and smells very much like fruit punch and lemon. Some describe the flavours as closer to piña colada and plums. THC levels can reach 20%, providing for a powerful combination of head and body buzz. Juicy Fruit contains about 1% CBD, meanwhile, making it a better-than-average choice for patients who experience seizures or other symptoms that respond to CBD. Breeders created this strain by crossing an original Afghani indica with a pure Thai sativa, a process that resulted in a 55:45 sativa/indica ratio. The high, which can be quite strong, is intensely euphoric, a mix of physical relaxation and cerebral mood boost. The dominant feeling is one of euphoria. Juicy Fruit is a strong medical tool for patients dealing with anxiety, mood disorders, depression, lack of appetite, and physical pain. Many users report dry mouth and red eyes, while other negative effects appear to be more limited. This medical favourite can be found up and down the West Coast, as well as in Colorado. It occasionally appears on the black market as well.

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8 reviews for Juicy Fruit

  1. PuffMcGruff

    One of my favourite strains out there and the price is foolish good! Need to get two when you see it because like the gum your friends will be begging for a piece as soon as you whip that bag out! Really smooth flavour and to be honest I’ve tricked myself into believing I taste the gum, you have to try it for yourself to see tho!

  2. Mickto65

    This certainly isn’t the Juicy Fruit Thai weed I used to get every 2-3 months in T.O. Between ’82 & about ’87, that stuff smelled & tasted EXACTLY like Juicy Fruit gum & was unbelievably potent. That said,this bud has a kinda tangy,fruity nose of medium strength,I immediately put the oz in a jar & am betting it will smell better after 10-14 days in glass. After just 5 days my Space Monkey I got here has a tangy thing going on it didn’t have when I got it. The buds look & smoke GREAT,smooth kinda sour,tangy fruit taste that sticks right til you roach it. The high is euphoric,calming & has body to it as well. Looks JUST like the pic of the 2 buds,most of ’em 1-2 1/2 grs. For $130 you won’t do better than this,solid 3 outta 5 potentcy.

  3. Ty Stick

    Absolutely great flavour and great smell. This is a great bang for your buck

  4. Juvia

    awesome stock ! <3

  5. KS

    massive buds. really great strain. nice high.

  6. Tribeus

    Loved the smell and flavour. Will be buying again, especially for that price!!

  7. majeurxlme21

    Mon frére la acheté et m’en a donner pour tester c’est du bon pot mais pas un gros buzz sans vraiment bon

  8. JosephBiden

    got me more faded than a hoe

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