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Juicy Jay’s – Hemp Wraps – Cherry Pie



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Cherry Pie flavour
2 wraps per pack
Made from Natural Toasted Hemp
Sealed for Guaranteed Freshness

Wanna smoke the natural way with a pure wrap? Now you can with Juicy Jay’s Wraps! Designed by the same group that brings you Juicy Jay’s Papers, wraps make rolling a quick smoke simple and satisfying. These delicious wraps come in many great flavours with two wraps in each pack. Try a smoke with one of these satisfying wraps today and you’ll never go back!

Let’s face it: Rolling Papers are boring. They all taste the same. But what if I were to tell you that that’s another way? What if I told you that there’s a better paper – one that tastes better AND stays nice and fresh until you’re ready to roll? Then you’re in luck because that better way’s name is Juicy Jay’s. Using a proprietary “triple-dipped” flavouring system, Juicy Jay’s gives you a fully flavoured smoking experience from start to finish. Think all blunts taste the same? Not anymore. Juicy Jay’s features a veritable cornucopia of flavours, from Blackberry Brandy to Double Dutch Chocolate. Do you like pina colada? What about getting caught in the rain? Either way, we’ve got your back.

8 reviews for Juicy Jay’s – Hemp Wraps – Cherry Pie

  1. JabbatheNUT

    Them thangs sweet

  2. teacakes

    this one smells super duper good

  3. trey

    using this with a sweet strain is def the way to go

  4. McGlizzyDomintator

    I love cherries, I love pie, and I love to get high. Mix them all together and it’s perfect for me

  5. JuicyJaysEnthusiast

    Bought this for my cutie pie and she loves it

  6. Evelyn A

    Convenient and tasty!

  7. Spicelord

    Second favorite one to have by my side

  8. XCL

    first wrap flavor i tried and damn is it a banger

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