Live Resin – Quattro Kush



Strain Type: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Medical Usage: Chronic Pain | Depression | Loss of Appetite | Nausea | Stress
THC Content: 34% Highest

Live Resin – Quattro Kush

Quattro Kush, also known as “Quattro Kush,” is like the superhero of strains, blending 707 Headband, Triangle Kush, and SFV OG Kush into one potent package. This indica-dominant hybrid doesn’t waste any time, hitting you with a slow-building high that starts in your head, pushing out any negativity and replacing it with a blissful, unfocused buzz.

As your mind expands, your body will follow suit, melting into a state of pure relaxation without the heaviness that can lead to couch-lock. With its sky-high average THC level of 34-35%, Quattro Kush is a top choice for relieving nausea, depression, chronic stress, and pain, offering a peaceful escape from the daily grind.

But beware, this strain is not for the faint of heart – it can amplify anxiety and paranoia in some users, so approach with caution. Quattro Kush delights the senses with a sweet and sour earthy flavour, followed by a spicy kick on the exhale. The aroma is just as tantalizing, with a sour herbal scent that turns pungent when burned.

Visually, Quattro Kush is a work of art, with fluffy, popcorn-shaped nugs in a vibrant olive green, accented by fiery red-orange hairs and coated in a thick blanket of frosty white crystal trichomes. So why not unleash your inner superhero with Quattro Kush and soar to new heights of relaxation?

Indica Strain

Indica strains offer relaxing and sedating effects, making them perfect for evenings. They help reduce stress, anxiety, and insomnia, promoting calmness. Indicas are also effective at easing pain and inflammation, which is beneficial for chronic pain sufferers. They relax muscles, relieve spasms and cramps, and increase appetite. While indicas are known for sedation and couch-lock, they can also improve mood and induce feelings of happiness and euphoria, albeit less intensely than sativas.

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