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Magic Mushrooms – Lizard King


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The Lizard King strain was discovered by Lizard King who had a hand in finding several coveted Mexacana specimens. What makes this cube interesting is that it was found growing on a mixture of wood and horse poo. Wood is not a common substrate for wild cubes but given the right conditions cubes will grow on damn near anything.

5 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Lizard King

  1. Tyler Agnew (verified owner)

    Quite happy with these. I haven’t been taking a hero dose or anything lol but I can tell you I have been taking approximately 0.4 grams daily to assist in boosting my mood therefore helping depression. I am a chronic pain sufferer, unfortunately it can have an adverse effect on my mood towards other people. However I am trying to be mindful of this and am exploring new options to assist me. I have found these to work very very well taken in this quantity. Very happy pleasant feelings, enhancement of colors and all senses. I have ordered more already but of a different variety.

    Thanks again WTF for providing us with quality medications at a compassionate price. Love you guys ❤️

  2. martinb57 (verified owner)

    im taking only .8 and it blast me hard im not use to mush it look powerfull

  3. six-into-one (verified owner)

    Bought these for microdosing and I’m super happy so far. Strong enough to give a happy, glowing effect with just a little. Glad I can order mush with my cannabis now!

  4. Gourdz (verified owner)

    The most potent magic mushrooms I ever ate. I did a bit over 1 gram and was rocked into another dimension for hours. Amazing trip and no belly ache whatsoever. Highly recommended.

  5. kenjisama (verified owner)

    Thanks again always good stuff. 5/5

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