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Mary’s Medibles – Sativa Bunnies – 300mg



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Sugar, Gelatin, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Citric Acid, Cannabis Sativa

What’s In The Package

300mg in whole package.

4 bunnies, 75mg THC per bunny

Mary’s Sativa Bunnies are really great for discrete medication. If you enjoy taking your edibles during the day, and you need something strong then these little energy filled bunnies treats will do a great job!

Enrich your experience, reach new heights while hopping through your day and create that thing you’ve been thinking about. A couple juicy bites of these Sativa bunnies to put your creative side on overdrive before comfortably coming to a mellow state. 300mg per pack.

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7 reviews for Mary’s Medibles – Sativa Bunnies – 300mg

  1. PuffMcGruff

    Great for on the go buzz get you through any morning like your living in a dream. Recommend for sure

  2. dave

    ate 3 packs over a few hours 900mg felt absolutely nothing.

  3. alepolo101

    Always end up coming back to Mary’s. The edibles always seem reliably dosed and get me more baked than other “budget” brands, and the gummies taste pretty decent too. At $16 ($20-20% off) they’re a no-brainer. Awesome product!

  4. SmallStiffy

    Keep coming back to Mary’s; the gummies never disappoint.

    I usually have two and I’m better than good.
    They do have a pine like aftertaste from the THC; but nothing that’ll throw you off.

  5. Jack

    Great for being discrete , not very potent though if you have a high tolerance!

  6. dkr

    Tolerable taste (usually edibles make me throw up) and felt pretty potent to me. Good purchase

  7. Ty Stick

    I have ordered these from multiple different mom sites and they come in a 150mg pack with a sticker over the 150mg marking showing it as 300mg every single time. I thought they just ran out of packaging at first but the colors of the gummies between packs weren’t consistant which is frustrating. WTF continues to be amazing and this is not their fault. Mary’s just needs to send things in their original package to keep you from guessing if you just got half the MG you payed for

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