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Mix & Match – AAAA – Ounce



Mix and Match the AAAA Flower of your choice.


Pick 4 x 7 grams of your choice to make up to an Ounce (28 grams).

22 reviews for Mix & Match – AAAA – Ounce

  1. Arman Hussan

    LOVING THIS OPTION!! I always want to try multiple strains but dont want to buy full ounces to save money.

  2. Matthew Dg

    Happy with the product and fast shipping.

  3. Matthew Dg

    Good products, fast delivery

  4. number1fan

    Get to change up my choices every time I order. Sometimes it’s cheaper than buying a full oz of one flavour too!

  5. Moon

    Grear value, great selections for mix and match

  6. Max Cornoy

    An absolutely unbeatable deal. The weed I got was good quality, and gave a very chill high. Not extremely potent, so fair game for new or experienced smokers!

  7. Alex Boyce

    This a great deal for anyone who enjoys variety. Never bored with the same strain. Nice mix for daytime and nighttime use. Can’t beat the price.

  8. Kally Tran

    variety and price point is what sold me, but the quality of each product is whats gonna bring me back. you got a new loyal customer here ,

  9. Bober Tee

    Just received my order, great value. Buds are great high value for very reasonable price. AAAA that is AAAA. I will purchase from WCC again. Thank you for honestly grading product

  10. Kennedy

    Great way to check out product on first order, and not disappointed in any way. All strains have been absolute top quality

  11. AndyJ

    I’ve gotten this pack a couple times I think. Like the variety and theres some great strains.

  12. PeterKing

    Got this pack for my first order from wtf. All strains were well trimmed, tasty and potent. Good job wtf! Will order again.

  13. FuckCovid19

    really cheap and quality products

  14. Kane William

    love the products and i cant wait til my order is here. definitely will be getting my friends to order from this site good product

  15. Jeremy Mitchell

    Great selection and prices! Always fresh.

  16. sandrafrances

    Great deals. Hope I can get them every time

  17. Nepo

    Blew me away the prices 😶‍🌫️ great deals and the service is top notch ! Keep up the excellent work and you are doing a great service to your patrons …. Excelsior !

  18. Earl Dearing

    Love getting deals on awesome pot. The cheap ones are as good as alot of the high price ones

  19. Todd Powell

    It’s a great deal, nice to mix things up

  20. LizzSholer

    Love the strains I picked great price

  21. earldearing

    Doesn’t get much better than this

  22. stupidwokes

    Good deal!

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