7 Reviews

Mix & Match – AAA – Pound



Mix and Match the AAA Flower of your choice.


Pick 16 Ounces of your choice to make up to a Pound

7 reviews for Mix & Match – AAA – Pound

  1. Min Duog

    Products Quality and Fast Delivery

  2. BIG ED

    This deal is bonkers

  3. Alex Kennedy

    love the selection I get, very tasty buds with strong noses. You definitely get what you pay for. These buds are some of the dankest ones I’ve smoked yet

  4. Kevil Nguyen

    strongest bud ive smoked!! tasted great, gassy, potent its got it all. I usually order AAAA but decided to spoil myself. Well worth it!

  5. Maninworld

    Hence the name and high thc levels, this strain will put you to sleep. For the cannabis lovers out there this is GOLD 🙂

  6. TaylorMade

    where else can you find top quality bud at this price? i’d recommend this to anyone

  7. Julian Vera

    Perfect to end the day with a relaxed sedating high. This stuff was amazing!

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