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Bubble Hash Rosin – Super Lemon Haze



This cannabis product is extremely versatile, as rosin is made of marijuana flower, hash, or kief and transformed into a full-melt hash oil. The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product that can be consumed as rosin dabs. If executed correctly, rosin can rival the flavour, potency, and yield of other solvent-based extraction products.

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Bubble Hash Rosin – Super Lemon Haze winning sativa-dominant hybrid took home first place in the Medical Sativa category at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup. It’s a Washington original, grown by at least two local cultivators, Olympia Mike and A Green Cure. It’s a blend of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, and it has a sativa/indica ratio of 80:20. That means heady, peppy, cerebral effects: arousal, creativity, energy, euphoria, and intense happiness. These make for ideal tools in treating depression, fatigue, anxiety, nausea, and chronic pain. THC levels soar in this strain, with at least one sample topping 25%, and that puts Super Lemon Haze near the top of the potency pyramid. But it isn’t known for its CBD levels, which regularly test well below 1%. In other words, Bubble Hash Rosin – Super Lemon Haze shouldn’t be used as the only medicine for conditions that respond to CBD, such as seizure disorders. Super Lemon Haze has a tart, zesty lemon flavour and aroma, with sweet notes of candy. The bud, which has a speckled green-and-brown appearance, is covered with a dense layer of resinous trichomes. This strain is popular on the West Coast of the United States and in British Columbia.

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11 reviews for Bubble Hash Rosin – Super Lemon Haze

  1. Marinated Steak (verified owner)

    One of the best smells I’ve smelled in the longest while. Pick this up while you can. Smells and tastes like actual candy, almost twice as much as the live resin and that’s tasty on its own.

  2. Jacquess (verified owner)

    This right here is some seriously delicious shit.
    100% worth the price, trust me it would be very difficult to find mail order hash rosin (or any rosin for that matter) at this quality for this price. WTF, u guys did it again! Please please please please come out with more rosin strains!!

  3. elucidx (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, especially for the value. I need more hash rosin in my life @$40 a gram. Smells super lemony and tastes exactly like the smell. Definitely recommend the low temp/cold start. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on this yet, you’re missing out.

  4. Mattusphere (verified owner)

    Honestly surprised in a good way by this one. Incredibly lemony on the smell and taste., Nice goopy consistency that isn’t too runny to scoop or too thick to separate. Heady sativa buzz that makes your mind race a bit. Will get again.

  5. Renee Richard (verified owner)

    Really good

  6. Justin Spiller (verified owner)

    Wow, very surprised. Excellent batch. The heads on this are out of this world, lots of lemon punch. Great head high, destroy on video games after this stuff smacks you in the mouth. Worth the price 100%.

  7. Trayton Smith (verified owner)

    Amazing my local guy sells 1g for 100 of hash rosin and I got 3.5 for 120 here and is almost as good as the 100$

  8. Hooduu (verified owner)

    Smells like gods vaginas lol seriously…..super nice stuff

  9. Ranni (verified owner)

    Lovely taste

  10. Renee Richard (verified owner)

    This was literally so good

  11. Boah B (verified owner)

    Sooooo worth it, get it when you can

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