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RSO Syringe – 1ML



RSO, also known as Rick Simpson Oil, is best consumed orally or in suppository form. It can also be diluted with a carrier oil and be used directly on the skin as a topical ointment or mixed in edibles. RSO contains a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes giving it high medicinal value.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a highly-concentrated form of marijuana oil developed by a Canadian engineer. Rick Simpson began cultivating his own cannabis and developed his own form of cannabis concentrate after being diagnosed with a form of skin cancer. He originally applied his cannabis concentrate topically on a bandage to treat his basal cell carcinoma. His Remedy later became known as RSO.

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28 reviews for RSO Syringe – 1ML

  1. Tyler Agnew (verified owner)

    This is not my first time using RSO but it is my first time using WTF RSO. So far I am extremely satisfied. The potency and purity is exactly what is to be expected in high quality RSO.
    I am on my 3rd day straight of daily dosing. Single grain of rice size 3 times daily. I injest it orally by tacking it behind my back teeth. This allows it to absorb in my gums for a few minutes before I wash it down with warm lemon water with honey. The taste is not over whelming but is exactly what you’d expect from quality RSO.
    The potency is excellent! I hope my tolerance does not grow too high too fast as I have bought quite a bit of this. If it remains effective I plan to buy much more so please keep it available and of high quality.

    I am a chronic pain sufferer on disability. I have degenerative disc disease and currently have 5 herniations in my lower spine. Anything that imoroves my quality of life right now is incredibly valuable to me. This has had me smiling and giggling for 3 days. I walked 15k steps today 😯 that is more than all of last week combined for me.

    Needless to say I am very thankful for this product. I am also Thankful for your compassionate pricing.

    Thank you WTF

  2. Ak2323 (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, hits the spot.
    Potency 10/10 Taste 10/10 Looks 10/10
    Clear dark honey colour, easy to dose with the .1ml marks on the syringes. Super strong medicinal effects felt within as quick as 5-10 minutes. Gets me relaxed, happy and sleepy.

    I ordered 10 syringes and I’m very happy with the service and product.

    Great deal I will be getting more of this soon for sure; don’t wait y’all get you some RSO too!
    Big ups WTF Cannabis 👍 You guys are the best!

  3. AcadianKush (verified owner)

    Best priced rso around periood.
    Great quality, consistency and potency.
    Will absolutely will be buying again.

  4. JMacK (verified owner)


  5. Ron Chappus Jr (verified owner)

    Great deal,great product extremely happy with this product works great Rick Simpson would be proudly.

  6. WTFmoniker (verified owner)

    Woo! Love me some good RSO. This stuff helps me sleep better and actually hits well compared to disty edibles which do nothing for me. Great product!

  7. mrobin (verified owner)

    Best for medicinal properties. Will not be disappointed. Do not be surprised if its viscous, its RSO and should be expected in comparison to distillate. Will get you baked. Highly Recommended

  8. kpdre (verified owner)

    awesome stuff

  9. Blazingamer

    Don’t be deceived by how dark/black it is; shit works very well. Don’t need much either!

  10. Fred

    This is some high quality RSO!!! I actually just purchased a 28g jar because i have went through so many syringes already and the value is so good

  11. Jessica Perez

    A different syringe from the others, sure packs a punch! Different coloring and a whole other world

  12. Lena W

    Highly recommend this RSO, the best quality I can find! I use it for medical reasons and it really helps with pain.

  13. James B

    I didn’t know wtf RSO was until I saw it on the website but I’ve tried it since and I’m never going back! It’s so versatile and it’s super effective. I’ve used it for edibles and as a topical and both methods are super effective

  14. Suzy

    no idea what this was but i love it now

  15. Taylor

    first time RSO user so i didnt know what to expect but shit is it effective

  16. eric cartman

    rso is amazing =) something ive never come across before

  17. jeffery bezos

    darkness scared me but started to like it after the first few uses

  18. whitepoison

    one versatile syringe that has many uses

  19. diorlover29

    best one to solve any pains you may have

  20. erisin

    one pungent ass syringe that hits you like a truck

  21. xZero

    insane consistency and potency

  22. Eric Stewart

    You might not be 100% in the zone once the high hits

  23. JADE H



    tonight will be a good ass night with this

  25. Jasper A

    Don’t be scared of the really dark color because the product itself is really good

  26. Pablo (verified owner)

    potent stuff

  27. Dominic Kwan (verified owner)

    It is ok not a big fan of the consistency it tends to run too liquid from what I am use to.

  28. Ryan P (verified owner)

    Man this RSO is potent as hell ,last night I put some under my tongue , about the size of 3 grains of rice and an hour later I was bombed , I woke up early this morning and was still stoned , the buzz last quite a long time I took too much lol ……cheapest RSO I’ve ever come across , for the strength of this product you can’t lose .

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