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So High Extracts Premium Disposable Pen 1ML THC – Do-Si-Dos



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Do-Si-Dos (Indica) Flavour

Each package contains one 1ML Disposable Pen

27 reviews for So High Extracts Premium Disposable Pen 1ML THC – Do-Si-Dos

  1. tommy gunn

    Top quality pens. I enjoyed every strain so far.

  2. teletubby

    the aroma and taste make my insides melt

  3. B Kim

    trying out some hybrid disposables and this one is my favorite! love the taste

  4. Suki queen

    You guys have my heartAHHH💕💕💕

  5. Vittorio Bragato

    Great for getting high all different ways. A must try to adventure your high game.

  6. Randy Roy

    delicious, quality, great. that’s what I say about them . Good Prices !!!

  7. Stars Well

    Product quality !!! Will order agian

  8. lucas Fdunger

    Tastes exactly like grapes a little to much i think it didn’t even really taste like weed but it gave me a really strong sleepy high

  9. jacob Stallion

    great quality distillate!

  10. Godfreak

    love the quality and super clean pull when vaping. very recommended

  11. athena

    the packing and the disposal itself it beyond beautiful i was so fascinated and when i took my first hit my jaw dropped

  12. Ruben Lo

    Great customer service, fast shipping, and wonderful product

  13. Elijiah

    I’m definitely buying this one again, it has an incredible taste

  14. superstarlo3

    great ass quality, some good quality pens you got here

  15. jimothy

    what the hell is do-si-dos??? you know what doesn’t matter because it tastes amaaazzing

  16. luffy

    my girl loves this one

  17. Cam T

    always got 1 of these near by

  18. danny j

    glad these lasts super long!

  19. Sm3llison


  20. Neko

    WTF truly has one of the best quality products that you can’t find anywhere else!

  21. mateo63

    oh mama this shit got me feeling good

  22. Ironcrab

    The munchies had me clearing out my entire cabinet.

  23. Joe Coleman

    This product is my escape from the mundane. It brings a sense of excitement and adventure to my day.

  24. AsianSanjay

    I don’t trust anything but WTF

  25. Tuneski

    Helps a lot with my back pain after a long shift

  26. bayleef

    super grateful i came across this

  27. Mia Russell

    Amazing quality and quantity, doesn’t burn too quickly

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