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So High Extracts Premium Disposable Pen 1ML THC – Sunset Sherbet



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Sunset Sherbet Flavour
Balanced Hybrid – 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Each package contains one 1ML Disposable Pen

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So High Extracts is a homegrown company located in Vancouver BC. Disposable Pens and Syringes made from high-quality sourced flowers from our local growers in BC. So High Extracts ensures their products are of the utmost quality. All our products are Lab Tested at 92% and greater. Our pens and syringes are solventless and are infused with natural terpenes and flavour.

36 reviews for So High Extracts Premium Disposable Pen 1ML THC – Sunset Sherbet

  1. gabby p

    one powerfull ass high….holy smokes

  2. Fuzzy6286

    this wouldve been amazing back in college. i was using some weak shit back then but was strong enough to give me a nice high when exams got hard but now those exams are done with i have finally found something worth kicking back with

  3. Rizzilicious

    Using this will salvage a bad day

  4. Snoobert

    I always order twice a month and have been doing that for almost a year now

  5. Sleepypasta

    Used this once and immediately got hooked

  6. Mr. Nice Guy

    I’ve been struggling with back pain recently and a co-worker actually recommended this to me and boy were they right! I sure do owe them one because this has been working amazingly, I have never felt better. It numbs the pain and mix this with a massage chair is what gets me to tomorrow

  7. Kush King

    best way to sleep through a car ride especially if the driver aint the best

  8. Eezee

    This is what brightens my day

  9. RizzyanReynolds

    shimmy shimmy yeah this shit is good

  10. kaisen

    what i taste the flavors im in another world

  11. SlingingBeast

    my reorder is finally here!!!!! i love this shit

  12. Jasper J

    This one is way too good not to share

  13. hopeh210

    all u need is dis for a good time

  14. Takeo

    Been using this one for the past couple months and I’ve been a huge fan

  15. Dirk

    this one is on point

  16. Gabriel Young

    Bought this for my girlfriend and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since


    This got me munching after the high hit

  18. Liam Lee

    The taste alone is amazing

  19. taytae

    not sure how i feel about the flavor yet but gives a good buzz

  20. eve

    just got this one recently and the aroma once opening the package already got me excited to try it

  21. Isabelle Allen

    Great customer service and great products.

  22. zazachomper


  23. Bongnificent


  24. Mikey Jones

    Wow, this is incredible! It takes gaming and entertainment to a whole new level.

  25. Zaza


  26. Yeoj

    I will choose this one everytime

  27. ashycashy

    no clue how i aint try rhis sooner

  28. Jabobsaggytits

    Actually not bad now, I ain’t like it before but looks like it got better

  29. Rizz and Morty

    the day i started using wtf is the day ive started being happier

  30. Rizzy Neutron

    This one comes out on top anyday

  31. Rizzer After High

    Scary movies are a lot more fun

  32. BrewersFan

    Quick and easy services

  33. musubi

    ready for a good time

  34. zoinks

    i can tell u this will help u more than u think

  35. JRTK

    great ass hybrid with a refreshing taste

  36. lightsp33d

    Took this to camp and lit it with the campfire shit was dope

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