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So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Maui Wowie Cartridge



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1ml Cartridge
Standard 510 threading
Vaporizer NOT included

So High Cartridge 1ML THC – Maui Wowie

Experience the vibrant and invigorating effects of So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Maui Wowie Cartridge. This high-quality vape cartridge delivers the uplifting and energizing effects of Maui Wowie, a renowned sativa strain known for its euphoric properties and distinctive taste.

Maui Wowie (Sativa) Flavour
Maui Wowie is celebrated for its vibrant pineapple flavours with hints of pine, citrus, and lavender. The rich, aromatic essence of Maui Wowie provides a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience, perfect for those seeking a high-end euphoria and increased focus.

Premium Quality and Compatibility
So High Extracts ensures the highest quality by using only the best extraction methods to produce a pure and potent THC oil. Each 1ML cartridge contains a full gram of this premium extract, delivering consistent and effective results with every puff. The cartridge features standard 510 threading, making it compatible with most reusable vape pens on the market. This ensures ease of use and flexibility for your vaping needs.

Key Features:
– 1ML Cartridge: Each package contains a 1ML cartridge filled with premium THC extract, providing a potent and long-lasting experience.
– Standard 510 Threading: Compatible with most reusable vape pens, offering convenience and versatility.
– Sativa Effects: Maui Wowie’s sativa-dominant effects provide a euphoric high, increased focus, and a boost of energy, perfect for daytime use.

Why Choose So High Extracts Premium Vape?
So High Extracts is committed to delivering the highest quality vaping experience. Our Maui Wowie cartridge stands out for its purity, potency, and exceptional flavour. Whether you need an energetic boost, relief from stress, or simply enjoy a premium vaping experience, So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Maui Wowie Cartridge is your perfect choice.

Upgrade your vape collection with So High Extracts Premium Vape and enjoy the unparalleled benefits and flavour of Maui Wowie. Order now and indulge in the finest quality THC vape cartridge available.

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26 reviews for So High Extracts Premium Vape 1ML THC – Maui Wowie Cartridge

  1. Timtamlovers

    Super smooth and hits the spot.

  2. CrunchWrapSupreme

    very good

  3. behmax

    will be exclusively buying my stuff from wtf

  4. B@11s


  5. Mia Russell

    Super mellow body buzz

  6. EdSheeran

    This friggen rules more than anything I’ve ever tried

  7. Mike Tom

    Good Prices and Product quality !!!

  8. applebottom

    Very effective for my pain,insomnia and PTSD. Prefer this oil over anything ive tried elsewhere

  9. Smoke Weed

    super chill and THC level is top

  10. Tom smith

    love this new product from WTF, great high with great flavor!!

  11. Vancy89

    Best product in this website

  12. super tuna

    okay okay you guys are one of the best places to buy from

  13. Ileah M

    Wow(ie) is right! First thing that came out of my mouth when I took a hit

  14. stinkycat

    eddies so fire i almost ate the whole bag

  15. Catbear

    Can’t wait to order more, amazing products, fast delivery. WTF reallyt outdid themselves

  16. silvia mills

    i love just being on patio with a nice little buzz and a book

  17. LuceCooChi

    a b c 1 2 3 let’s get high this time it’s all on me

  18. WillyStroker

    the high got me goin crazyy 😵‍💫😋😋

  19. Da Binky



    oh baby this one got me so high

  21. AsianSanjay

    Served me good as shit

  22. Tuneski

    I can barely make it through the week without this

  23. scoopdunk

    definitely will always be apart of any future orders

  24. Trenton Hayes

    WTF has taught me what a good quality high should taste and feel like

  25. Zaza farmer

    The feeling this gives me outta this world

  26. Shookie

    Once a month the boys gather and use this and it’s become a ritual

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