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Tang Breath by Farm2Jar


Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Minty | Earthy
Medical Usage: Depression | Muscle Aches | Multiple Sclerosis
THC Content: 28%+

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Tang Breath by Farm2Jar is an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa). It’s a solid pick for smoking veterans or those who started smoking recently. Tang Breath is a good choice for any hybrid lover who wants to feel more euphoric and creative. The high starts by filling you up with positive vibes and increasing your focus, making you more inspired and euphoric. As your muscle tension dissipates you will settle into a more relaxed and lethargic state. Those who feel unease and can’t rest tend to use Tang Breath to help them catch some Zs. Patients with Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis or those who are depressed, and have aching muscles might find this cannabis strain useful.

14 reviews for Tang Breath by Farm2Jar

  1. blazingamer

    Crazy how sticky this is; don’t often get craft because of price point but was worth it to experience!

  2. mojitoito

    I can’t get over how amazing this bud smells. So smooth and clean. Definitely recommend for both beginners and experienced smokers.

  3. Mimosa

    Best bang for your buck. Was sticky and big nugs. The smell is nice and the high was even better

  4. Themountain

    Perfect temporary relief aid for my PTSD, works quite well. I must commend you guys for the quality of this, and also the packaging and the fast shipping. Keep it up !!

  5. tyson Goods

    nice boost of energy and nice taste!

  6. Daren Joyce

    A good strain that made my pains and negativity vanish. A very enjoyable time!

  7. Arlie Fische

    This stuff made my depression disappear and silence my headaches. Finally gave me the ability to eat. The pain reliever that belongs in everyone’s closet.

  8. Angie Viewing

    great hybrid effects but for me it was more towards indica high. good vibe and nice smile all the way around love it

  9. Kristina Lowe

    I didn’t have to do much thinking while I was high, It seemed to have withdrawn back thoughts towards the front and made me seem like I was in the right place and the right time. Good smoke.

  10. Kyle

    Taste great!

  11. Jose Cruz

    I love this strain. It put me in a great mood and gave me lots of energy. It also gave me the munchies like crazy. If you are down or stressed, then smoke this.

  12. Amy Luong

    This lychee kush was a total vibe ~~

  13. Brandon Parker

    I believe the odor contributes a lot to the high. It gets in your nose, and it it is very reminiscent to me of blue cheese, that odd waxy moldy smell. Very pungent. Love it! All around gas!

  14. Esme L

    Full body type of buzz, hazy thoughts and warm brain hugging thoughts.

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