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Tangerine Dream THC Hybrid Distillate Syringes – 1ML



Size: 1ml
Type: Hybrid

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Tangerine Dream THC Distillate Syringes

Tangerine Dream THC Distillate Syringes is a highly popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain, renowned for its muscle relaxation and pain relief. Awarded a Cannabis Cup in 2012, it stands out for its ability to clear the mind without causing mental fogginess. Immediate effects include extreme euphoria, happiness, and creative upliftment. It effectively alleviates stress, pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. With a sweet, intense citrus aroma, it offers different flavours for a strong effect. With 25% THC content, it provides cerebral energy while retaining focus, making it an ideal choice for an intoxicating yet clear-headed experience.

CG Extracts

Discover CG Extracts premium THC Distillate Syringes. Meticulously processed for maximum potency and purity, each syringe delivers a concentrated dose of high-quality THC, perfect for both recreational and medicinal users. With advanced extraction techniques, we remove impurities to create a crystal-clear distillate boasting unparalleled clarity and potency.

Our syringes are simple enough for users of any level. Simply twist off the cap for precise dosage control, allowing you to tailor your consumption to your preferences. From dabbing and vaporizing to infusing into recipes, our versatile syringes offer endless possibilities for enjoyment.

At CG Extracts, quality and safety are our top priorities. Our THC Distillate Syringes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards for purity and potency. Trust in our commitment to clean and consistent cannabis experiences. Elevate your enjoyment with CG Extracts THC Distillate Syringes today.

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35 reviews for Tangerine Dream THC Hybrid Distillate Syringes – 1ML

  1. Sexxxyboy420 (verified owner)

    A dream it is. Awesome stuff. Recommended.

  2. Tom T (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Have to order more next time though!

  3. Smoker420x (verified owner)

    Can’t beat the price for this kind of stuff. No second thought here

  4. TheBigRedRat (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, especially for the price!

  5. JoeExotic (verified owner)

    Tangerine Dream won the cannabis cup a couple years ago and it always lifts me up. Keep coming back to this strain. Vapes discreetly, tastes nice.

  6. Samantha Caldwell (verified owner)

    Very tasty!!

  7. francois (verified owner)


  8. Stefan Andrews (verified owner)

    Such a tasty distillate!

  9. SmallStiffy (verified owner)

    Strong Citrus nose, the high leaves my mind darting around.

  10. Andy (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying distillate, I’m in love with it. It’s so convenient. Very clean high, definite sativa effects which leaves my mind thinking. No paranoia. It’s an unbelievable deal I will be stocking up on other kinds to try. Taste is decent, it’s my first time trying distillate so I have nothing to compare it to, but it doesnt taste bad

  11. Ranni (verified owner)


  12. M (verified owner)

    Vraiment bon

  13. Rikiki (verified owner)

    J adore sous la langue dans ma dab dans un join ses malades sa fesse tou en activant merci wtf

  14. Tania Chevarie (verified owner)

    Such a great taste !

  15. Bruno Vermette (verified owner)

    Wow, very Nice distillate with great citrus taste !

  16. loop2112 (verified owner)

    taste good, works well.

  17. graphicsfx (verified owner)

    Used this to top up a 1/4 cup of good, strong cannabutter to increase the potency of the gummies we made. Definitely hit the mark. Best guess without a test kit is in the range of 12 or 13 mg per 1 gram life saver sized gummies.

  18. Stephen P

    Works well

  19. noah c

    my first distillate and a comfort pick

  20. mojo

    super convenient and tastes great

  21. weedblower34

    Loving the citrus kick it has

  22. daphne

    it comforts and relaxes my muscles when they feel tense

  23. kettlecorn

    first distillate no longer my favorite but i still use it sometimes

  24. Annie L

    I absolutely adore the citrus taste to this

  25. LEGOCryptic

    Didn’t taste the citrus at first but it hit within seconds and it was quite refreshing

  26. ScopeX

    Flavor was a bit too strong for me but overall good

  27. mvpig

    a great topper to some weak buds

  28. erisin

    absolutely loving this one

  29. mrstabz

    makes you feel like you’re in a dream

  30. devin foster

    gets rid of any type of headaches

  31. Kyle James

    Nothing can stop me from buying more 😉

  32. simon

    if only i had wtf back then

  33. taemoon

    has a great citrus flavor to it

  34. milkyyice

    has a tasty tangy taste within it

  35. Everrett Quinn

    I love how convenient these are, always at my disposal

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