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Full Spectrum CBD Distillate



  • Pure distillate. (Absolutely no additives)


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CBD is put through a process of heating and cooling to produce CBD distillate, a much purer, cleaner and more potent form of the compound. Full Spectrum CBD distillate typically contains about 90% CBD. While CBD distillate doesn’t contain as high a concentration of CBD as CBD isolate, it does retain many of the other therapeutic compounds in the cannabis plant, like terpenes, vitamins, waxes and antioxidants. Made using a process of chromatography, CBD distillate comes in liquid form.

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2 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

  1. Kenneth Yokoyama

    I purchased this in an effort to make some DIY cbd oil, as I currently purchase medically and pay 40-50$ for a 30ml 900mg full spectrum cbd oil, and this is good enough to substitute. It is a thick oil, but not as viscous as RSO, while a dab tool can pick this up I can’t get a little bead of oil to form, but this wasn’t bought for dabbing. It did however easily flow into a cartridge and when vaped this tastes potent. It has that classic grassy taste to it and tastes exactly like the regulated stuff I use. It mixes easily with MCT oil for my DIY homemade CBD oil and is comparable in effects to my medical stuff. I did try a high dose, perhaps 0.5ml sublingual and the consistency of the oil right out of the jar was perfect for that, and I did get that calm mellow as CBD is an anxiolytic. I would never try .5 ml at the competitors price so that just great.

    Overall this is quality stuff that is exactly as labeled and perfect for medicinal needs!

  2. Isabelle Janvier

    Je fais mes propres chariots cbd/thc avec ce truc et du thc distillée. Les meilleurs prix

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