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The Green Samurai – 1000MG THC Disposable Pen 1ML – Orange Cookies



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The Green Samurai Disposable THC Vape Pens 1000MG THC

PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerin) FREE

Delta9 Lab tested 93%

*Colour of pen may vary*

23 reviews for The Green Samurai – 1000MG THC Disposable Pen 1ML – Orange Cookies

  1. Agentperry

    This smells SOOO good! It tastes as good as the scent. Low key addicting LOL Great buzz

  2. martin cruz

    searched the wrong thing and ended up on here and its been the best mistake of my life

  3. Damian Wayne

    Has become my best friend over these past few months

  4. DianaM

    My all time favorite one

  5. todd daniels

    i empty my fridge almost right after the high hits

  6. jalalalalala

    orange cookies is a weird mix but tastes great

  7. Ryker

    orange cookies sounded weird but the high made me forget the flavor name

  8. jimothy

    it smells good as shit and tasted even better

  9. Doris Bryant

    This vape is my go-to for social gatherings. It brings people together and creates connections.

  10. grippygoober

    some dope ass shit yall got here

  11. Brian Woods

    Yo thanks for the recommendation one this one

  12. Lila Holbrook

    The combination of sweetness and hints of citrus is just what I needed

  13. Bigbirdman

    im the biggest bird im the biggest bird

  14. Lil Looka

    GG this so fire

  15. TuberculoSIS

    YO IM FEELING LIKE FLOYD UP IN THIS MAYWEATHER! (it takes so much effort to produce a smile these days like 😔)

  16. GeForce RTX 4070Ti

    All i gotta say is ” I ❤ 🍃 “

  17. Ben

    Ben likey very much 😫🍃🥵😈💯😎🐶🦮

  18. D King

    love getting high after the gym it helps me feel less sore


    i dont want wtf. i CRAVE it

  20. Allison Parker

    You guys have to be crazy not to try this one out

  21. Zest bomb

    one way to spend the day off

  22. Stockpain

    yes please more

  23. Vero lavoie (verified owner)

    J’adore ce produit très doux pour la gorge et l’effet est plus que parfait! A apporter dans une soirée pour supporter la famille 🤭

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