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Twisted Extracts – Watermelon Jelly Bomb – Sativa – 40mg CBD : 40mg THC



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Each Halley’s Comet 1:1 Jelly Bomb is infused with 40 mg THC + 40 mg CBD derived from the Halley’s Comet cannabis strain (8 x 5mg THC + 5mg CBD servings each).

Directions: Product is easily divided into 8 x 10 mg doses. First-time users take a single 10 mg dose. Allow 90 minutes for full effect before an additional dose is considered. Take with food for best results.

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Cannabis Extract, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Artificial Colour and Flavouring, Carnauba Wax

Twisted Extracts – Watermelon Jelly Bomb – Sativa – 40mg CBD : 40mg THC

Dive into the blissful and energizing sensation of Twisted Extracts – Watermelon Jelly Bomb. Not the fiery space ball, but our newest full spectrum CBD edible. Start low and go slow with these potent gummies—take it easy, like Cheech and Chong. They’re naturally high in CBD so they’re great for kicking that chronic pain in the a**, helping you relax, and have an overall great time no matter what you’re doing (or not doing, couch potato days are okay too).

This delectable treat is infused with the essence of Sativa-dominant cannabis extract, delivering a harmonious blend of 40mg CBD and 40mg THC. With each bite, experience a delightful burst of flavour that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also uplifts your mood, leading you to a state of euphoria and contentment.

The versatility of these Watermelon Jelly Bombs knows no bounds. Whether you’re unwinding after a busy day or seeking a boost of energy, these treats cater to your every need. Moreover, they offer a stimulating experience like no other. Envision yourself enjoying your favourite activities with heightened focus and creativity, courtesy of the Sativa cannabis infusion.

Beyond just a pleasurable experience, Sativa cannabis offers a range of therapeutic benefits. It can enhance mood, alleviate stress, and boost creativity. With each Watermelon Jelly Bomb, you’re not just indulging in a tasty snack; you’re also nurturing your well-being and fostering a sense of vitality.

As you savour the last bite of your Watermelon Jelly Bomb and feel the lingering effects taking hold, you’re reminded to embrace the present moment. These treats gently encourage you to find joy in simplicity, appreciate life’s small pleasures, and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

Uses: Anxiety | Inflammation | Pain | Fun
Effects: Happy | Uplifted | Calm

Twisted Extracts prides itself on crafting artisanal cannabis-infused edibles with meticulous care. Explore their range of products here.

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20 reviews for Twisted Extracts – Watermelon Jelly Bomb – Sativa – 40mg CBD : 40mg THC

  1. Chuck

    Anything with the name Twisted Extracts is going to be good and this one doesn’t disappoint. Thanks WTFCANNABIS.COM for being amazing. You can earn points for the reviews you write.

  2. Kdipizzo

    Hailey’s comet is a high cbd strain originating out beautiful British Columbia, right on the coast on the beautiful island! Grower founder also is the one that does shiskaberry pine warp purple Thai and many more og strains that recently came out

  3. Austy

    Me see stars everything floating

  4. Wise


  5. Kyle Okina

    Had a chill ass time with these babies

  6. Crystal Keen

    Absolutely amazing, have never tried anything like it. Happy that I’ve come across this website, amazing service and products

  7. Gomez

    Had a small issue with the deliver but customer service helped me right away and once I did receive it, it didn’t disappoint

  8. Harrison

    The flavor threw me off but after the second time using it I came around and now really like it

  9. Popper

    My favorite time to take these is on the weekends

  10. brickybranch

    eyelids felt pretty heavy after taking these put me to sleep

  11. maddog

    for sure buying again

  12. jordan kwon

    yea please i love this

  13. jojo

    would do anything for some more of this

  14. royce

    oh heck yeah!

  15. Dinkley

    Sticks and stones can’t break my bones with this nearby

  16. Willy wanker

    Huge fan of these! One of my favorites to buy

  17. Yolksdown

    Always feeling at my best when I have WTF by my side

  18. DatTinyGuy

    A more refreshing edible that gets you up then knocks you down

  19. Alexanderthegreatmagician

    Lay on the bed and use a bit of this and you’ll melt 😩

  20. Abigail Thomas

    Loving the flavor on this one, it’s subtle but just the right amount

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