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Walter White



Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Texture: Normal – Sticky
Flavour: Herbal | Citrus | Sweet
Medical Usage: Pain | Depression | Stress
THC Content: 23% – 27% Highest


Walter White OG is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic The White with an unknown Ruderalis strain. This auto flowering bud has an insanely gorgeous appearance, with rounded super dense and tight light green nugs with sparse orange hairs and a coating of super thick frosty bright white crystal trichomes. As you break apart each sticky little nug, fresh aromas of sweet citrus and earthy pine are released with a spicy overtone. The flavour is just as delicious, with a creamy lemon effect that’s accented by fresh tangy citrus and spices. The Walter White OG high hits you with unrelenting force, smashing into both mind and body with effects that can quickly become overwhelming if you suffer from anxiety or paranoia. You’ll feel a smash of euphoric energy and focus at the onset of the high that launches your mind into an introspective frenzied state. Your body will remain anchored to the world below with a heavy relaxation as your mind soars. Thanks to these effects and its super high THC level, Walter White OG is the perfect choice for treating experienced users suffering from depression, chronic pain, headaches or migraines, inflammation, and chronic stress.

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14 reviews for Walter White

  1. Chantel Frison

    My personal favourite so far, great buds for the price plus it smells and tastes amazing!! Would recommend!

  2. Holly

    Love This Sativa,It Is Uplifting For One’s Mood & Also Gives You Extra Energy,Fantastic Taste!! Would Definitely Buy Again!!

  3. Dannstpierre

    Amazing and beautiful

  4. Jrock

    For this price this stuff is amazing. Just received my order and I am very happy with this bud. Nice smell, taste and effects. Kind of peppery and slightly sweet or fruity. After half a joint it went straight to my head. Definitely worth trying.

  5. MattGagnon

    Nice batch.
    Ashes burns white and it is still fresh enough.
    I can taste grapefruit and spices.
    Really tasty.
    Smell is ok.
    Would highly suggest if you like sativa.

  6. Pontbriand

    Not the best one ! A not buy it anymore!

  7. Soob Guncha

    Makes me social and if I smoke enough I’ll get a little sleepy. Could be stronger, but for the price can’t really complain. Would I buy again, probably not. Life is too short and I wanna try other strains. One thing I didn’t like was the $10 price drop right after I bought an oz -_-

  8. misteresscoupe

    I didn’t mind Walter White. Got it on sale so can’t complain. It is what it says it is big frosty fluffy light green buds with orange hairs all over. Tastes ok to me. I prefer indica over sativa so this strain not my go to smoke, but I do hit it and hit it hard and it gets me high. Try it you might like it!

  9. cheechleela

    Strong sativa, nice looking! I would recommend

  10. cheechleela

    A strong sativa, have got this kind more than once and really like it!

  11. MaestroMusic

    Amazing for the price, can’t get any better!
    Good taste and aroma with a clean burn!

  12. bobktm

    very good stuff for the price

  13. sydney w

    I have smoked a lot of weed in my time and I have to say there isn’t anything quite like Gelato, 10 out of 10 all the way around. If you call yourself a stoner and haven’t tried this amazing strain of flower, you’ve never even been high before.

  14. Jesse

    I found this pretty strong! I really like this one. Idk who Walter is but he knows good weed haha!!!

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