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WTF – Budder – Gummy Bear OG



Strain Type: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
Medical Usage: Pain | Depression | Fatigue | Stress
THC Content: 22% Highest

WTFCannabis Budder Gummy Bear OG

WTFCannabis Budder Gummy Bear OG is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa). It offers a delicious flavor and long-lasting high, providing a motivated mind and deep relaxation. The high begins with an uplifting euphoria that clears the mind and enhances focus and creativity. A relaxing body high follows, keeping you couch-locked and pain-free. With an average THC level of 19%, Gummy Bear OG is ideal for treating chronic fatigue, depression, stress, ADD/ADHD, and chronic pain. It has a sweet, fruity flavor with hints of blueberry, bubblegum, and citrus. Its also complemented by an earthy, woody aroma with sour citrus and fruity bubblegum notes.

Here at WTFCannabis we’ve developed a premium cannabis concentrate that’s sure to elevate your experience. We craft our budder with care, using high-quality cannabis strains to ensure a potent and flavorful product. Each batch is meticulously processed to create a smooth, creamy texture that’s easy to work with and enjoy.

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or new to concentrates, our budder offers a versatile and enjoyable way to consume cannabis. With its high THC content and rich terpene profile, WTFcannabis Budder delivers an experience that’s perfect for relaxation, creativity, or simply unwinding after a long day.

There are several ways to enjoy budder:

  1. Dabbing: Dabbing is the most common way to consume budder. Use a dab rig to vaporize the budder and inhale the vapor.
  2. Mixing with Flower:  Mix a small amount of budder to enhance the potency of your joint or bowl.
  3. Edibles: You can infuse budder into your favorite recipes to create potent edibles.

Experimenting with different methods can help you find the most enjoyable way to consume budder based on your preferences and desired effects.

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25 reviews for WTF – Budder – Gummy Bear OG

  1. ptwfate

    head to toe high

  2. Samantha Parker

    Does anyone else love the little pictures on the lids?! I love that they’re doing this, I feel like I need to collect them all LOL. Anyways I bought some of every flavour of WTF budder and this is my favourite one. I use this in my vaporizer and the high makes me feel really light and energetic. It also gets me in a good mood. I highly suggest for everyone to try this if they’re looking for these effects.

  3. Tom Sands

    Another great budder from WTF, just checked off all the marks for me when it comes to a good quality budder. Super smooth and clean!

  4. Sienna

    for those who enjoy that heavy indica effects then you’ll fall in love with this budder. Too good to pass it up!

  5. Travis

    Smooth strong indica tastes good

  6. Sergio Martinez

    Soft and smooth, which is how you know this is some nice a** budder. Nice topper for my bowls.

  7. ChristianZ

    great tasting, nice and sweet. The high is strong and very mellow

  8. Jas Khan

    indica dominant strain with a bit of sativa is always a vibe. The effects are well rounded and long lasting. Most of all very calming on the mind

  9. Samuel James

    This hybrid was pretty good. It helped me control my anxious racing mind and just mellowed me down. It was needed. Will likely be having more of this.

  10. Robert Fulton

    the buzz hit me instantly in my mind and wasn’t sure if the rest of my body was going to feel it, but it did at just the perfect timing. it was such a great feeling

  11. Brandy Crystal

    Texture , flavour and high were all on point. Can’t find myself going wrong with gods green crack anything.

  12. samanthasam

    loving the buzz with this budder

  13. Syd

    The textures for the budders are perfect, so glad I got into it

  14. hutchinson b

    sure doesnt look like gummy bears but tasted like it

  15. Jake

    Had such a relaxing buzz with these

  16. misosoup

    i thought it would be too sweet but it was just the right amount


    a smooth and sweet budder that gives you a quite mellow buzz to forget about your problems

  18. a. lewis

    love the vibe i get from this

  19. twinjohn

    started a side hustle and those earnings are going straight to wtf

  20. Killend87

    wtf is the best id rather wait for a delivery from wtf than go out to a store

  21. pakkichan

    this is a masterpeice

  22. HappyGamer1105

    Every choice is a good one on WTF

  23. caduceus

    oh my god this was fire

  24. theSdawg

    first time i put my money in something worth while

  25. BossMama

    WTF knows how to satisfy me

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