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CG – Shatter – Hindu Kush



  • Hindu Kush
  • Indica

Hindu Kush, also known as “Afghani Hindu” or “Afghani Hindu OG,” is a 100% pure indica strain grown as a landrace that is native to the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. This high-powered indica is a favourite of breeders and patients alike thanks to its level of potency and classic effects. That being said, the high of Hindu Kush is not to be underestimated – it comes on with a creeping effect that can cause some patients to overindulge if they’re not careful. You’ll feel a sudden rush of buzzing physical effects that lead to an almost overwhelming physical sedation. This is heavily relaxing and calming, leaving your body feeling almost like a sinking stone as you settle further and further into the couch. A lifted happiness accompanies this physical high, boosting the spirits without boosting your energy level in the slightest. With these effects and its high 15-20% average THC level, Hindu Kush is often chosen to treat chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, chronic stress and cramps or muscle spasms. This bud has a classic sweet and spicy woody hash flavour with a heavily earthy aroma to match. Hindu Kush buds have super sticky oversized heavy heart-shaped dark olive green nugs with deep undertones, amber hairs and a frosty thick coating of dark amber crystal trichomes.

What Is Shatter

As the cannabis industry grows and reinvents itself, we as consumers are being introduced to ingenious new ways to medicate with cannabis. Technological advances have made various forms of concentrated THC readily available and chances are that you may have heard of the “shatter” craze, wondering “what is shatter”, and why it has become so prevalent in previous years. Shatter or Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a term for a cannabis concentrate made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from other unwanted plant-matter that is comprised of up to 92% pure THC. The term “shatter” refers to the stable consistency of the golden, translucent product, which shatters or breaks like glass. Shatter is so popular and revered in the cannabis community due to its fast-acting delivery system and almost instantaneous effects. Shatter compared to traditional smoking is very beneficial in the sense that there is no combustion of unwanted or hazardous plant material during the process of consumption, making it a great alternative for the health-conscious.

How To Smoke Shatter

Shatter can be smoked in various ways, and is one of the most versatile concentrates available behind distillates. The term “dab” is a frequently used term that is heavily associated with smoking shatter. “Dab” refers to the most popular way to smoke shatter which requires a specialized bong or ” dab rig”, a “nail” attachment that is generally made of titanium, quartz or ceramic, and a butane torch. The nail attachment is heated to an optimal temperature, and the concentrate or shatter is “dabbed” onto the nail, resulting in a build up of vapour within the bong that is then inhaled. Asides from being dabbed, shatter can be enjoyed in many other ways.

With Flowers

One of the easiest way to smoke shatter is to crumble it into tiny glass-like shards, and mix it into blunts, bowls, and joints. This method does not required the aforementioned dab rig which may be too big of an investment for beginner or casual smokers. This method of consumption is unfortunately not ideal for those who enjoy dabs for their terpenes or flavour, trading flavour and aroma for convenience and accessibility.

With A Vaporizer

Portable electronic vaporizers are rapidly taking over the market, becoming the most discreet and convenient product for the consumption of shatter or other THC concentrates. Vaporizers are the healthiest way to use shatter, allowing consumers to avoid the negative side effects associated with the combustion or smoking of shatter by heating the concentrates at a low temperature, which creates pure vapour. Vaporizing shatter allows users to taste the terpenes and pure flavour associated with the shatter.

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22 reviews for CG – Shatter – Hindu Kush

  1. sarahmason

    nice and gold. with all these pine resin scares going around these days. was very happy to find a company that has clean and well priced shatter. i bought 3g and put a half gram in 99% isopropyl overnight to see how it would turn out and was glad to see no white residue. wanted to make sure this wasnt anything fake since it was my first time trying out this brands shatter. the product would bend a bit then snap in room temp. smelt great once i cracked open the package.

  2. Xovszky

    Pretty good. Did the trick.

  3. fortnitehigh

    I was very pleased by the color, ease of use (I like a shatter that snaps easy), potency and taste.

  4. tinyhomy

    when you want quality, THIS IS IT!. the taste is amazing, smells amazing. By far the best shatter I have ever had the pleasure of smoking and no sticky mess!

  5. Sexxxyboy420 (verified owner)

    Great deal. Excellent golden shatter.

  6. Holly (verified owner)

    Great Product,Nice Flavour,Good For Pain And Sleep,Thank You WTF Cannabis!!

  7. Quazzyy001

    First time ever trying Hindu Kush and I loved it thank!!

  8. Derek France (verified owner)

    my favorite shatter

  9. Bigshotjuann (verified owner)

    Great product once again. No complaints there. Another 7g slab. Prefer individually packaged.

  10. dank604 (verified owner)

    Great hitting shatter for the price!!! Really impressed by CG extracts.

  11. Skyone00 (verified owner)

    Go hard…a prendre le soir devant un film ! Effet lourd et le gout miam.

  12. DaScarecrow (verified owner)

    Ordered this one 3 times already i love it. CG does it right!

  13. Gilles (verified owner)

    tres bon mais la texture peut varié d un lot a un autre….le brisant est super, mais le cireux est pas vargeux!

  14. dizzydwarf

    high doesn’t hit immediately, it slowly creeps up on you

  15. CommonUser

    4/5 Great high

  16. Bryan Estrada

    5th time ordering this and it never gets old

  17. sweetoldbaldman

    fantastic texture with this shatter

  18. daniel r

    put a little in ur joint to change up ur high experience

  19. sunburn

    super potent and pungent

  20. joe

    4/5 a little too pungent for me

  21. Fastandfurry

    No where else Id rather be than with a WTF product

  22. Darkdole

    Super potent shatter

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