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WTF – Budder – Platinum Kush



Strain Type: 10% Sativa / 90% Indica
Medical Usage: Anxiety | Depression | Pain | Stress
THC Content: 18% Highest

WTFCannabis Budder Platinum Kush

WTFCannabis Budder Platinum Kush has a sedating high and is perfect for a night of anxiety-free relaxation. Platinum Kush gets its name from its frosty appearance, a result of the dense trichomes that grow on the bud. THC levels in Platinum Kush vary but are usually in the 18% range, making it a moderately strong choice.

As an indica, Platinum Kush has more CBD than most strains. The combination of THC and CBD makes Platinum Kush a good strain for alleviating anxiety, depression, and pain, as the body high is deeply relaxing.

This strain has a sweet, pungent smell reminiscent of fruit and a sweet, earthy taste. Platinum Kush, also known as Platinum OG Kush and Platinum OG, is the result of crossbreeding between Master Kush and an original Afghani strain. Platinum Kush produces a mellow, easy feeling; although the high doesn’t last very long, it’s usually enough to put an insomniac to sleep.

There are several ways to enjoy budder:

  1. Dabbing: Dabbing is the most common way to consume budder. Use a dab rig to vaporize the budder and inhale the vapor.
  2. Mixing with Flower:  Mix a small amount of budder to enhance the potency of your joint or bowl.
  3. Edibles: You can infuse budder into your favorite recipes to create potent edibles.

Experimenting with different methods can help you find the most enjoyable way to consume budder based on your preferences and desired effects.

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29 reviews for WTF – Budder – Platinum Kush

  1. Ranni (verified owner)


  2. Ranni (verified owner)


  3. SquidKid (verified owner)

    Great taste and nice buzz I enjoyed the calming effects. Tasted very nice and smooth with the traditional kush flavours this vaped perfect in my portable pen

  4. Hernesto (verified owner)


  5. M (verified owner)

    Très bon goût avec un bon effet.

  6. kenjisama

    yep number one . 5/5

  7. McIntosh

    This buffet has a nice texture, and a heavy hitter

  8. samanthasam

    super smooth consistency

  9. JohnH

    Amazing body buzz and very nice texture to work with . WTF has done it again

  10. Kate Adam

    Quite the potent strain. You’ll love this one especially if you’re a big fan of the indica dominant strains

  11. Penny Tremblay

    good for mellowing down. This budder helps me relieve my mind and physically makes my body feel more relaxed

  12. JKarkas33

    Absolute killer of a budder, to say the least. This packs a crazy punch and you will be blown away..

  13. Chris Wells

    very classic strain, can not really go wrong with this and some times i really like to put this on my joints for that extra sauce lol

  14. Tory Lurch

    The best strain to instantly put you in that relaxation mode, nothing will get you feeling better than this!

  15. Kayden Eaton

    The flavour is always so good, smooth burn and the high is so intense

  16. pocket rocket

    good consistency, tastes great.

  17. pocket rocket

    good consistency, tastes great. Good prices !!!

  18. cloudman19

    10/10 smooth as shit

  19. hutchinson b

    killer ass budder hands down

  20. Jake

    Good to wind down for the night

  21. misosoup

    a great one to help you unwind from the day you’ve had


    fantastic qualities you keep you stress free for the rest of the day or night

  23. Maya D

    One of the smoothest highs I’ve had in my life

  24. sandycheeks

    i love having fun with this with my crew

  25. hungrypigeon

    couldnt ask for anything better

  26. caduceus

    damn i love u guys for this one

  27. KingXXGeedorah

    Taking the risk try new products, helps you find your best one

  28. Mr FluffyBunny

    I trust WTF with my whole life after this recommendation

  29. Peakington

    I have to have some of this on hand for my upcoming birthday gathering

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