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CG Extracts – Disposables – Cinderella 99



THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

Disposable Pen with 1.0ML Cinderella 99 Cartridge
Micro USB Charging Port
*Charging cable not included

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CG Extracts – Disposables – Cinderella 99

Introducing CG Extracts – Disposables – Cinderella 99, offering unparalleled convenience and quality in vaping. Each disposable pen contains a 1.0ML Cinderella 99 cartridge infused with THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes, ensuring an authentic and flavourful experience with every draw. Crafted with simplicity in mind, our disposable pen features a micro USB charging port for easy recharging on the go. Please note that a charging cable is not included with the pen. Perfect for enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free vaping experience without compromising on potency or flavour.

Elevate your vaping journey with CG Extracts Disposable Cinderella 99 and immerse yourself in the legendary flavour and effects of this iconic strain.

Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99, also known as C99, emerges as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain resulting from crossing Jack Herer with Shiva Skunk. With a THC level hovering around 22%, its dense buds adorn numerous crystals and emit mild citrus and tropical aromas. As for its flavour profile, it delivers a piney essence with subtle hints of fruitiness. Ideal for daytime use, its effects linger for up to 90 minutes, offering relief from aches, pains, stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, inflammation, and nausea. Moreover, it acts as an effective energy booster for fatigue.

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Weight 1 g

33 reviews for CG Extracts – Disposables – Cinderella 99

  1. Stefan Andrews (verified owner)

    Good for day or night, interesting terpines in this one.

  2. JuniorJJ (verified owner)

    This one didn’t work but it’s all good. I have 5 more. I tried everything from charging it to rain dancing.

  3. Holly (verified owner)

    The Cinderella 99 Is A Great Daytime Vape Product,Gives You An Energy Boost,Thank You WTF Cannabis For The Excellent Service And Product!!

  4. ac02 (verified owner)

    was so excited to get this and it definitely didn’t disappoint. it’s easy and portable. a very chill high

  5. Bruno Vermette (verified owner)

    Good daytime smoke that tastes really good !! Would buy again

  6. munch (verified owner)

    nice taste and good buzz, I used this strain all day and so did my friends when I passed it out, got this a few times

  7. Sexxxyboy420 (verified owner)


  8. Maria

    Good Flavour

  9. Frank F

    Gives you a nice high, smooth and mellow



  11. Doofenshmirtz

    Super helpful if you trouble sleeping at night, even though it’s named Cinderella, you’ll knock out like Sleeping Beauty

  12. Ravi

    Saw the name Cinderella and had to buy this for my girl and she loved it

  13. r0landa

    feeeling like a pretty pretty princess while high on cinderella

  14. metro

    smooooooth high mellow and gives you a good trip

  15. Jamie Wilson

    Got this for my girl since she’s a princess and she absolutely loves it

  16. eternal14

    good enough to make a grown ass man feel like a princess

  17. Amelia Hernandez

    An incredible disposable if you enjoy day time highs better than night time highs

  18. CORA2241

    good for daytime highs

  19. Robinson

    Great energy booster when you’re feeling a bit sleepy

  20. toast

    one of my first disposables and it’s what got me started here

  21. John Collins

    Wasn’t as long lasting as I thought but for the time you are high you’ll feel amazing

  22. H. Fisher

    The mixture of pine and fruitiness make for a good disposable

  23. Mouthbreather

    hella good for the club

  24. Mushedroom

    The exhale felt amazing

  25. 4Wheeler

    i got a soft spot for wtf cant get mad if i have this nearby

  26. Dingus

    walk on a nice summer night while getting high is something i didnt know i needed

  27. IUlover

    Boy do I have good taste

  28. AnitaReezin2Liv

    Go from feeling bad to feeling real good

  29. Banh me

    I’ll always keep this close by ready to use

  30. BaconEggNCheese

    most times the high is chill but this one was insane

  31. Silas Serling

    Keeps my head up high

  32. Caleb Turner

    Had another order made hours after my first one because I came across this

  33. Faint

    Will be giving u a magical high

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