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CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Charlottes Web CBD – 1ML



1ml Cartridge
Standard 510 threading
Vaporizer NOT included

THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

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CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Charlottes Web CBD – 1ML

Introducing CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Charlottes Web CBD – 1ML, the epitome of luxury and quality in vaping. Crafted with precision and expertise, our cartridge delivers a flavourful and potent cannabis experience like no other.

We infuse each cartridge with THC Distillate and Cannabis Derived Terpenes, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vapour with every puff.

Designed for convenience and compatibility, our Premium Cartridge features standard 510 threading, making it compatible with most reusable vape pens, including popular models like Evod, Vision Spinner 2, ErbaTip, Flyte, or Toko Gold Pens.

With a content of 1ML, this cartridge is perfect for extended vaping sessions, guaranteeing you can enjoy the full spectrum of effects without interruption. Please note that the vaporizer is not included, only the 1ML cartridge.

Experience the luxury of CG Extracts Premium Cartridge – 1ML and elevate your vaping experience to new heights. Order now and savour the essence of premium cannabis with every inhale.

Charlottes Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web, an evenly balanced hybrid strain, also known as “Charlotte Web” or “Hippie’s Disappointment,” originates from crossing unknown strains with an industrial hemp strain. Infamous for its high medicinal power, breeders initially developed it for a young girl named Charlotte Figi, who suffered from Dravet Syndrome. Despite its low THC content, Charlotte’s Web delivers soothing relaxation and calm without a strong psychoactive effect. With a high CBD level and a mild, citrusy flavour with woody undertones, it’s ideal for therapeutic use.

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Weight 1 g

23 reviews for CG Extracts – Premium Cartridge – Charlottes Web CBD – 1ML

  1. Tsaurus (verified owner)

    This is a great quality vape for sure! I love the design, good mouth-feel or whatever you call it from the shape, smooth pull, worked with the battery I already have no problem and doesn’t (yet) make weird popping noises or leak or generally taste like burnt glue like others I tried. Tastes great too actually, like a pine-citrus mix. Charlotte’s Web tends to sell out fast I guess so I’m glad I could stock up on at least 3-6 month’s worth for me and finally get to rest and relax without so much anxiety and pain. What a blessing!

  2. Kdipizzo

    High cbd low thc

  3. MFJ (verified owner)

    High cbd , good for work, u just don’t care about the bad mood of anyone with this one, Gold product

  4. Onicchr (verified owner)

    Great CBD cart. Tastes good and uses nice hardware that doesn’t clog / leak

  5. elverm88 (verified owner)

    5/5 great Cbd 🙂

  6. BobbyLee123 (verified owner)

    Pretty good carts with very low thc definitely gonna buy again

  7. Alvin Chen

    Reliable product that I’ve been using for over a year now

  8. Casper Cortes

    It’s not a BBQ without the use of this

  9. François (verified owner)

    Tastes like burning wood or firecamp. Harsh. Absolutely no thc and no psychoactive effect or maybe a slight sedation. Good when you want to smoke.but its too early or you dont want to be stone. Taste is still not that great.

  10. MysteryMope

    I love this product, bought it multiple times

  11. Jo Nuri

    Astonishing product! Had an amazing high while using this and it tasted great

  12. Ethan Cooper

    For the price you can’t beat quality and quantity of this cartridge

  13. Jee-Yun

    Loving this charlottes web more than the book

  14. M Tannor

    Both the high and cartridge are long lasting

  15. DDspidey

    Holy! Did this get delivered quick as hell

  16. Derrick Martinez

    Thought it was weak until 30 minutes when the high actually hit me

  17. ChiliDog

    Shiver me timbers wow the high was something else

  18. AnitaReezin2Liv

    On my knees begging for more

  19. Twisted elbows

    No way in hell I’m ever going to stop buying from WTF

  20. BaconEggNCheese

    100% worth every cent u got

  21. Silas Serling

    No idea why this is so good but who cares

  22. Caleb Turner

    You guys are just showing off with how good these are

  23. kushking89

    high as a kite and i loved it

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