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WTF – Shatter – Papa’s OG – Indica



Indica Dominant Hybrid

Common Usage: Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Stress

Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy


Papa’s OG is a super-potent hybrid with strong physical effects. It can induce strong couch-lock, so it’s best reserved for late at night. A cross of two powerful legends, Granddaddy Purps and OG Kush, this strain is an indica-dominant mix (sativa/indica ratio of 20:80). It has high THC levels, topping 25% in some tests, which makes for an effective, spacey body high that can induce sleep. That makes Papa’s OG a good choice for fighting insomnia, as well as chronic pain and anxiety, among other possible uses. CBD levels are low, however, less than 1%, meaning this strain shouldn’t be used as the only treatment for seizure disorders or other problems that can be alleviated with CBD. This strain has a definite grape aroma and flavor, with hints of Kush in the smell. The bud is almost white with a thick frosting of resinous trichomes. Not much has been reported in the way of negative effects, but dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia are probably the most common. Dispensaries on the West Coast might sell Papa’s OG, but even there it’s far from popular.

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9 reviews for WTF – Shatter – Papa’s OG – Indica

  1. kaven

    Tres bonne au gout et bon buzz je recommande

  2. Kyle

    Great shatter for the price. 8/10

  3. kenjisama

    wow a big thanks. 5/5

  4. Molkor

    Heavy hitting, great value. Probably my favorite of WTF stuff that I’ve tried.

  5. BuDsTeR

    Very nice stable shatter had that snap consistency and gets ya nice fried love the house shatter keep em comin wtf

  6. Ranni

    Snap snap break me with a bat

  7. Andy

    Great shatter, super brittle, great flavor, strong effects, wtf is too good to be true at these prices

  8. Ranni

    Always great

  9. Clayton Hamilton

    Similar to the Bubba shatter but more enjoyable in my opinion! Classic OG flavour. I went for the mix and match ounce deal for $409 with free shipping. Each of the 4 different strains are amazing and potent! Individually and professionally packaged, each gram hooked up, and for the 2 quarter ounce slabs, they were each 7.5 g’s. Worked out to around $14 per g. My package arrived in less than 48 hours after placing the order. WTF… these guys are legit, thank you for supplying such clean and affordable medicine to the people of Canada!

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