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Chewda – Squirmies – 200mg CBD



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40mg Per Piece. 5 Pieces Per Pack

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9 reviews for Chewda – Squirmies – 200mg CBD

  1. JoshDreamsX

    I bought these and threw them into a small bowl of regular gummy worms and my friends and I had a great time playing gummy worm roulette. It was a great way to spice up our game night and bring something new to the table, safe to say my friends had a great time but I did have extras on the side for those who only got the regular gummy worms

  2. 6nug

    the high gave me the fking munchies

  3. enfic

    way better than regular ones

  4. flickz

    everything is liderwally so bussin

  5. Driplord

    I thought my friends were overhyping this place but nope they’re right

  6. Cminior

    never had an issue with an order until recently but customer fixed it within seconds

  7. Grimsloth

    i put it on my pizza its better than basil swag yolo

  8. VicVyper

    Always a bien trime, numero uno!!!

  9. Benny Family

    Fun fact, my nephew actually introduced me to WTF. I thought he was bluffing 2 years in of being legal and he thinks he knows better than his old man? I was wrong though, now we have another one to bond over and I’ll be exclusively buying from here

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