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Hog’s Breath


Bud Size: Small – Medium
Strain Type: 85% Indica / 15% Sativa
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Creamy | Herbal | Sage | Sour | Spicy | Sweet
Medical Usage: ADD/ADHD | Chronic Pain | Depression | Fatigue | Insomnia | Nightmares | Stress
THC Content: 20% Highest

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Hogs Breath, AKA “The Hog,” is a 100% pure Indica strain that’s infamous within the cannabis community for winning the top honors for Best Indica in the 2002 Cannabis Cup despite it’s pungent wet dog smell. This Hindu Kush X Afghani cross features a mild 10-13% THC level on average. Upon smoking this strain, patients report the high as giving them an immediate onset of a warm, full-body buzz without the fatigue that typically follows. Cerebral clarity and an overwhelming feeling of well-being and stimulated creativity typically follow this. Because of this, its ideal for treating pain relief without a harsh come-down or crash and sleeplessness. This medication is also commonly used to treat depression due to its potent effects of mind relief. With a fruity skunk taste and a pungent wet dog smell, this strain is not for the novice user – rather, it’s an acquired taste. Hogs Breath nugs are a light minty green and very dense with thin orange hairs and a blanket of crystals.

36 reviews for Hog’s Breath

  1. Zach (verified owner)

    Great kush!! definitely a high and trim that makes this kush worth more than it’s price.

    Dried well.


  2. Isabelle Janvier (verified owner)


  3. Scott Kyle (verified owner)

    Totally agree , this was better than expected .. made my eyes red af and had a really nice heady high .. definitely worth the asking price imo

  4. BuDsTeR (verified owner)

    Not the strongest nose but nice caked buds and gets ya baked nice!

  5. Kidwalsh561 (verified owner)

    Very nice buds

  6. Ty Stick (verified owner)

    You don’t want something that will ruin your day if you smoke it too early for this is the stuff. Also one of the smoothest buds I’ve ordered off here

  7. Ghost.One (verified owner)

    Tres medical…effet relaxant et se *sentir* comme sur un nuage. Le gout 8/10 .

  8. Bruno Vermette (verified owner)

    Wow, I really like this strain !! Nice looking buds and great smell !!

  9. mimics (verified owner)

    great smell and smoke, little dry but all good 🔥

  10. Dr.Jones (verified owner)


  11. WhyDoiStayHi9h (verified owner)

    bud was nice demand frosty just thought the high would of been harder for how they looked still a great strain though

  12. Alexandre Sauve (verified owner)

    Smell weird taste weird buzz ok a bit too humid

  13. Juvia (verified owner)

    thanks a must 😉

  14. Gilles (verified owner)

    pfff pas terrible, ordinaire….texture ok mais c est tout!

  15. Mccormme (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised by this one. Fluffy buds and very nice high.

  16. elverm88 (verified owner)

    Nice looking and great smell
    Good strain

  17. mimics (verified owner)

    looked great and had a nice high

  18. alexpowerQc (verified owner)

    One of My Fav Strain Ive Order Here 🙂 Was my everyday Smoke For a While as i only Smoke Blunt It was Just Perfect !! Smoke and taste Good Smell Weird But That Dosent Mean Sheeshh

  19. Ty Stick (verified owner)

    buy this if you like smooth hitting buds. unique smell hense the name

  20. okBoomer46

    got smaller buds but no complains still got me pre high

  21. Gae Romez

    Gave me a wonderful feeling, buying this again

  22. Wesley

    Amazing kush

  23. Aaron Chen

    A truly incredible strain and it’ll relieve you of any pain or sores you have

  24. kushcooker453

    when i’m on this i feel so like goood

  25. pebbles99

    good for day time smoking

  26. Lulu Yin

    Ordered this for my boyfriend and it’s been great at helping him with his back pain

  27. flamingpizza1167

    as soon as i closed my eyes i knocked out

  28. Josh Lin

    A solid 10/10 strain

  29. owen c

    hog’s breath smells pretty good

  30. Evan

    Not sure if I like smoking this one in the day time due to the ratio but this is perfect for night time highs

  31. tyroo

    pungent smell good high

  32. sparks

    good ass one for night smokes

  33. Luisfugly.org


  34. illumamickey

    gives you a full body high from head to toe

  35. kdarmstrong882 (verified owner)

    If you want a nice “skunk” weed this is your jam. Fantastic nose with a skunky flavor. Good for a mood boost.

  36. Desireechloe (verified owner)

    Didnt like it

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