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HVE – HTFSE Sauce – Granddaddy Purple



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Grandaddy Purple – INDICA
1 Gram
CBD 1-4%
THC 55%

High Voltage Extracts is a wholly Canadian owned company based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Nestled in between snow-capped mountains, ancient temperate rainforest and a wild, rocky coastline High Voltage’s facilities draw on this pristine wilderness, imbuing its strength and purity into everything we craft.

Using rich mediums, clean mountain air and some of the world’s most pure water, our expert growers nurture and tend to their crops with great patience. Their goal is to always produce flower of only the highest quality and they make no sacrifices to rush the process. Once mature plants have reached peak levels of terpene production, they are quickly harvested and immediately flash-frozen to help retain the flower’s more delicate terpenes and other fragile cannabinoids. The proprietary extraction process which follows preserves these delicate molecules which can be easily lost during processing. Potent Live Resin emerges as a result, which is then carefully purged of any remaining solvent and treated/cured to produce an array of rich, flavourful extracts.

Also known as FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) or HCHTFSE (High Cannabinoid High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract).
This process begins with a single pass extraction of high-grade live plants, followed by a long and slow curing process. This produces a Full Spectrum Extract (FSE), which is essentially a snapshot of all the biologically available molecules found in the living plant. This process does more than just isolate the THC; Full Spectrum Extracts capture more unique cannabinoids and terpenes than any other extraction method. It captures the essence of the living plant.

4 reviews for HVE – HTFSE Sauce – Granddaddy Purple

  1. dongcaliber

    ready to knock u out quick, about half an hour later my eyes were struggling to stay open and i was curled up under my blanekt

  2. riftmage54

    havent gotten more than 4 hours of sleep in a while

  3. Leah Park

    I love using this to help me reset my sleep schedule when I am swapping between day and night shift, it helps me sleep with ease undisturbed and all throughout the night. This strain is also great to ease you into a state of relaxation with no problem

  4. kudans

    i’m loving the granddaddy strains!!

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