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Live Resin – Clementine



Strain Type: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Medical Usage: Bipolar Disorder | Chronic Pain | Depression | Fatigue | Headaches | Inflammation | Migraines | Nausea | PTSD
THC Content: 19% Highest

Live Resin – Clementine

Live Resin – Clementine, the lovechild of Tangie and Lemon Skunk, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s as uplifting as a sunny day. This strain earned its stripes by snagging 2nd Place for Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 High Times’ Cannabis Cup in Michigan, thanks to its tantalizing flavour and captivating effects. Picture this: a burst of sweet, citrusy orange flavour with a hint of earthiness that’s like a stroll through an orange grove after a refreshing rain. Moreover, the aroma is just as enchanting, with a rich earthiness complemented by a sweetly sharp citrus scent.

But here’s where it gets exciting: the Clementine high is a perfect harmony of uplifting and relaxing effects, blending the best of both indica and sativa worlds. It starts with a euphoric lift that sends your mood soaring, leaving you blissfully happy, focused, and motivated. As this cerebral adventure unfolds, a gentle relaxation washes over your body, leaving you calm and at ease.

With THC levels averaging between 17-19%, Clementine is a go-to for those seeking relief from mild to moderate depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, stress, and nausea. Additionally, its buds are a sight to behold, with dense, spade-shaped nugs in bright yellow-green, adorned with sparse orange hairs and coated in a thick layer of frosty crystal trichomes.

So, if you’re looking for a strain that’s not only delicious but also uplifting and relaxing, Clementine is your ticket to a citrus-scented adventure!

Hybrid Strain

Choosing a hybrid strain over an indica or sativa gives you a blend of benefits that suit various preferences and needs. Hybrids offer a balanced mix of indica’s relaxing effects and sativa’s uplifting properties, making them adaptable for different activities and times of day. With a variety of ratios available, hybrids provide a range of effects, from deeply relaxing to energizing. This versatility also applies to medicinal benefits, as hybrids can help with conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia without causing extreme sedation or stimulation. Overall, opting for a hybrid strain allows for a personalized cannabis experience that combines the best of both indica and sativa traits.

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1 review for Live Resin – Clementine

  1. Tia (verified owner)

    very tasty, nice consistency, easy to work with
    . Good flavor 😊

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