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WTF 0.9 Gram Pre-Rolled Joints – Blue Cookies



Strain Type: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Flavour: Berry | Blueberry | Candy | Orange | Sweet
Medical Usage: Anxiety | Depression | Headaches | Insomnia | Loss of Appetite | PMS
THC Content: 18% – 22% Highest

NOTE: You spoke, we heard! These pre-rolls were made using our new method. Give them a try!

Each pre-roll contains about 0.9g of herb
We only use 100% flower for our pre-rolls. NO TRIM EVER.

WTF 0.9 Gram Pre-Rolled Joints – Blue Cookies

Experience the ultimate convenience and quality with WTF 0.9 Gram Pre-Rolled Joints – Blue Cookies. Crafted with care, these pre-rolls offer a potent and satisfying smoke, perfect for both recreational and medicinal users.

NOTE: You spoke, and we heard! We have improved our method for making pre-rolls based on your feedback. Give them a try and taste the difference!

Key Features:

100% Flower: We only use 100% premium flower for our pre-rolls. NO TRIM EVER. This ensures a smoother, cleaner, and more flavourful smoking experience.
Perfectly Portioned: Each pre-roll contains about 0.9 grams of top-quality herb, providing just the right amount for a relaxing session.
Potent THC Levels: With THC levels ranging from 18-22%, our pre-rolls deliver a powerful high that caters to both casual and experienced users.

WTF 0.9 Gram Pre-Rolled Joints are designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. By using only the best flower, we ensure that every puff is filled with rich, aromatic flavours and robust effects. The high THC content guarantees a potent experience, whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or need relief from chronic pain and stress.

Our pre-rolls are not only convenient but also a testament to quality and consistency. Forget the hassle of rolling your own joints and enjoy the ease and reliability of WTF Pre-Rolled Joints. The 0.9-gram size is ideal for solo sessions or sharing with friends, making it versatile for any occasion.

Moreover, we take pride in our improved rolling method, which enhances the overall experience. You’ll notice a smoother burn, more consistent hits, and a superior high that sets WTF Pre-Rolled Joints apart from the rest.

Upgrade your smoking experience with WTF 0.9 Gram Pre-Rolled Joints. Order now and discover the perfect blend of convenience, potency, and premium quality.

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Weight 1 g

12 reviews for WTF 0.9 Gram Pre-Rolled Joints – Blue Cookies

  1. Eli Stone (verified owner)

    Amazing for when I’m feeling lazy, I always have a couple of these on standby especially this one because its ability to knock me out like a baby. When I wake up the next day after this high I feel beyond refreshed and ready to go with no sores or the urge to climb back into bed.

    One time I offered my roommate some and both of us ended up getting so high that night we left all the lights on and TV running until we woke up in the afternoon the next day and had to reset our entire apartment from us completely destroying the kitchen and the amount of snacks that were all over the counter, table, and some reason floor! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. IssacAvenue2611 (verified owner)

    The PERFECT, I mean PERFECT! headache remedy for when you need something a little bit stronger than just an advil to help ease any sort of pain whether it be headaches or back pain. Well that’s how I use it anyways and I even shared my secret with a few friends and they’re amazed at how good it is for the price point you guys have put it at!

  3. johnna (verified owner)

    this shit is so sick i love using pre-rolled joints doesn’t get messy or make the room smell then all i have to do is go to my balcony light one up and call it a day

  4. JENKINS (verified owner)

    maybe im new at this idk but i thought prerolled joints would cost alot more but theyre hella cheap and HELLA WORTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. alexza (verified owner)

    i remember using some shit like this back and highschool and damn did it bring back some memories, makes me feel young as hell again

  6. Jackens (verified owner)

    God I hate rolling my own joints so these have come in handy

  7. Jinsie141 (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite product to use on a Sunday night to mentally and physically prepare for work for the following Monday. It’s become a routine every week and since I don’t use this every day I allow myself to enjoy the pleasure once in a while

  8. basskobra (verified owner)

    tbh was expecting a shitty product but needed a few extra dollars to get free shipping so my expectations were pre low but after using im glad i needed those few extra dollars cuz now imma b getting this a lot more often

  9. Dean M (verified owner)

    I haven’t been vocal about my pain but I guess my girlfriend noticed me wince here and there after a day of work…so she decided to snag me one of these to help ease it and be stress free even for a few hours and I’m glad she did because I’ve been using this for a couple weeks now and it’s been amazing. I’m more playful and less grumpy which has also put a smile on here face 🙂

  10. _Zoah (verified owner)

    I had never been for grateful for a high before. I was never the biggest fan of getting high I suppose but I understand why those feel the need to do it because without these easy to use pre-rolled joints I’d spend most of my days wasting hundred of dollars on massages to try and ease the pain. It has this nice, smooth body buzz that comes with it that just makes me forget about everything going on and actually relax for an evening.

  11. rugratroomie1 (verified owner)

    wasnt expecting this be so strong holy shit i was high for hours 10/10 taste 10000000000000/10 high

  12. 420Lovin (verified owner)

    Looks: 5/5 – Perfectly rolled, tight and I like how it’s pushed in versus twist ends. I find it burns the pre-roll evenly all around much better and less chances of canoeing.
    Nose: 3.5/5 – Smells like regular flower, nothing too special or out of the ordinary.
    Smoke: 4/5 – Salt & Pepper, okay burn and doesn’t hurt the throat.
    High: 3.5/5 – So I got high, but it wasn’t intense. Did it’s job

    Honestly for $2, I ain’t complaining. The labour itself probably took more than $2 lmao, would buy again.

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