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Live Resin – Macflurry



Premium House Brand Live Resin/Rosin


Macflurry is a top shelf cross between MAC1 and Ice Cream Cake. The lemony cream aromas of Ice Cream Cake couple very nicely with the slightly savoury citrus notes of MAC1. It has lots of body with just the right amount of gas and subtle hints of terpinolene, limonene and caryophyllene floating over the top. Shortly after the initial flavour bouquet of creamy lemon sherbet fades into a cloud of glory. You are left with a subtle, yet lingering lemon zestiness that mixes very well with the slightly savoury and earthy undertones present in this Mac1 cross. The savoury and sweet aspects blend together in a way that is perfectly balanced. It’ll give you a clear headed yet very strong high, a very uplifting, relaxing & euphoric experience. Macflurry is highly recommend to anyone looking to try something on the upper end of the recreational market.

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2 reviews for Live Resin – Macflurry

  1. Jules Tanner

    Love the house brand! Can never go wrong. Tastes great and a good kick, 5/5

  2. Barry

    Amazing strain!!!

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