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Magic Mushrooms – Blue Meanies



Dosing Chart
0.1-0.2 grams = Microdose (2-4 Hours)
1-2 grams = Regular Dosage (3-6 Hours)
3.5-5 grams = Macrodose (12-24 Hours)
5 grams+ = Heroic Dosage (24-48 Hours)
*Effects will vary per user

The history of Blue Meanie magic mushrooms is somewhat obscured due to naming confusion between Panaeolus cyanescens and Psilocybe cubensis strains. The Blue Meanie discussed here is the P. cubensis version. These mushrooms, originating from Southeastern Australia, gained popularity after being cultured and distributed globally.

Blue Meanie magic mushrooms boast a striking appearance with thin stems and wide golden-yellow caps, often forming beautiful clusters. Upon drying, they may exhibit a blue tint, known as bruising, a common occurrence in magic mushrooms. Despite their potency, bruising doesn’t compromise safety or potency.

Effects of Blue Meanie magic mushrooms include intense euphoria, oneness with the world, and profound visual and auditory hallucinations at higher doses. Ideal for recreational use during camping or leisure, precise dosing is crucial due to their potency. Safety precautions, such as avoiding driving and ensuring trip essentials, contribute to a positive experience lasting up to six hours.

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32 reviews for Magic Mushrooms – Blue Meanies

  1. Skyone00 (verified owner)

    Bon. Effet visuel agreable, bon prix

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)


  3. Jimmy Dulong (verified owner)

    Recommanded dose? I heard Blue meanies are supposed to contain 2 or 3 time psilocybine than other strains

  4. Justin Jonsson (verified owner)

    Really great potency. Mostly full mushrooms with caps and stems intact. A++

  5. Aderepan (verified owner)

    These are good πŸ‘ŒπŸ€ͺ I recommend

  6. demonkeeperQC (verified owner)

    Took 3 1/2 no effect what so ever! Very desappointing, cant explain why πŸ™

  7. Matthew Melindy (verified owner)

    Great cap to stem ratio. Put some in my evening coffee and it really hit the spot. Was not disappointed especially the amazing sale price I paid πŸ„πŸ’–

  8. Phragram (verified owner)

    Hella potent!

  9. KyleSab (verified owner)

    Nice looking and undoubtedly gets the job done. Very pleasant effects with micro-dosing.

  10. Pascalcc92 (verified owner)

    I LOOVVEEE blue meanies they are insane at at any kind of dose for me. I tried alot of strongest like all strains of penis Envy, some melmak. And I always come back to blue meanies, they are small mushroom Eazy to eat just like that , blend in smoothies, everything you want. Always a great and meaningfull trip. They seem to always show me a kind of answer for my intensions before the trip. I never regretted buying those. I recommend for sure.

  11. CPicard4Life (verified owner)

    I found this bag had more stems than caps which was a little disappointing but as always the strain is potent and awesome. Great bang for the buck

  12. kenjisama

    Thanks really potent as always. 5/5

  13. blazingamer

    Classic! Potent AF, can never go wrong.

  14. Tribeus

    I found these shrooms really effective. They gave me a really good trip!

  15. Mimosa

    Perfect shoom high ! Super strong and very potent so take a little at a time

  16. Tenko

    For one they’re super potent and second DAMN was this a strong high

  17. stephanegaumond (verified owner)

    Great I was not disappointed πŸ‘
    one of my favorite πŸ˜‹

  18. Arima015

    Got me so high!!

  19. Ruby Rose

    This product is a true gem in the world of WTF

  20. James (verified owner)

    Very good 3.5 g had funs

  21. toxicthunder

    had lots of fun with these

  22. Jacob Adams

    damn do these shrooms hit u hard

  23. Omar Khan

    Shrooms are better than I imagined

  24. aria

    amazing potency

  25. stinge

    this shroom is for sure going to give u a fat trip

  26. Nova Malloy

    These look amazing!

  27. Cinderman

    Helps me with my anxiety and stress

  28. Mandy

    What would I have done without my cannabis? This thing is energizing and invigorating.

  29. Lily P

    I’m captivated by the euphoric effects of this incredible product. It’s like pure happiness in a puff.

  30. Leo Walker

    This strain takes me on a cosmic adventure. It’s a trip to the outer reaches of happiness and euphoria.

  31. Buuccibroccili

    Looks kind of funky but gets the job done

  32. bakedbean (verified owner)

    amazing stuff, all my friends who tried it loved it πŸ™‚

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