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Magic Mushrooms – Daddy Long Legs




Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms gets its name because of the very long stalks, just like the legs of the famous spider. It is a consistently well-reviewed strain which elicits strong visual stimulation, feelings of euphoria, love, and unity, deep vibration or “buzzing” felt throughout the body. This makes it a great “social” strain to enjoy with friends.

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1g – $7.99, 3.5g – $24.99(Sale $19.99), 7g – $47.99(Sale 39.99), 14g – $94.99(Sale $59.99), 28g – $179.99(Sale $79.99)

1 review for Magic Mushrooms – Daddy Long Legs

  1. kenjisama

    good strain thanks 5/5

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