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Magic Mushrooms – Cambodian Magic



Dosing Chart
0.1-0.2 grams = Microdose (2-4 Hours)
1-2 grams = Regular Dosage (3-6 Hours)
3.5-5 grams = Macrodose (12-24 Hours)
5 grams+ = Heroic Dosage (24-48 Hours)
*Effects will vary per user

Cambodian magic mushrooms have a well-documented history, discovered and cultivated by the dedicated Mushroom John during his explorations in Cambodia. Recognized for their quick colonization and ease of cultivation, Cambodian magic mushrooms have gained popularity among growers worldwide.

With a classic P. cubensis appearance—medium to large mushrooms with brown or copper-colored caps and large stems—Cambodian magic mushrooms arrive bone dry to preserve potency. Bruises, represented by light or dark blue spots, are common but harmless, occurring post-harvest or during transportation without affecting potency.

Known for speedy and creative effects, Cambodian is dubbed the ‘sativa of magic mushrooms.’ While minimal visuals accompany a clean body high, users experience a euphoric rush ideal for tasks or recreational activities, making it perfect for outdoor adventures or creative pursuits at home. For a safe and enjoyable experience, remember to avoid dangerous activities, ensuring a vibrant trip that can last up to six hours or more.

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1 review for Magic Mushrooms – Cambodian Magic

  1. Scotty (verified owner)

    Amazing experience! The trip lasted longer than expected, and it opened us up beautifully. We loved every moment of it!

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